Monday, November 5, 2012

Tough Guy

last week was...hmmm...interesting? is that the word? yeah, i guess so.  tuesday, when i picked up ro from aftercare, he was quiet.  i thought he might be tired.  but, he said he wasn't tired.  as we walked away from the schoolyard, he pulled his shirt sleeve up and pointed to his forearm and told me that inside was "broken". i was skeptical.  he's 5.  he's got a great imagination.  i thought he was playing pretend.  but, as we went home, he proceeded to tell me that he had jumped off the playset and hurt his arm.  when we got home, we tested it out a little.   wiggle your fingers.  yup.  bend your wrist. yup.  toby asked him to shoot the basketball.  tears.  crying.  hmmmm....not good.  a trip to the er.  not sure if it's broken, but they'll have the radiologist look at it and call us the next day.  

my brave little man.
ladybug's first halloween.  batman's 5th. love my little trick-or-treaters!
i hope they are always this happy together.
going through all his sugary loot.
so, the radiologist says he has a buckle fracture.  time for a cast.  blue and green.  he doesn't look too bothered, huh? well, the rest of the story is that he didn't tell anyone at school (who knows how long?) because apparently it is against the rules to jump off the playset.  so, i guess he didn't want to get in trouble, so he just waited until i picked him up.  he amazes me sometimes.
bathing with a bag.  it's fun the first time.  we'll see how happy he is about this in a few weeks. 
she is mobile!!!!  
up the step
down the step.
i'm up again.  ready to head down again.  
oh man, i love these sweaty curls. 
maybe i'm a bad momma for putting this on here, but it really cracked me up.  he wanted to have his picture taken with g, but i don't think she was feeling it, do you?
ok, solo then?  much better!  heeeeyyyy handsome...

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