Wednesday, September 30, 2009

He Likes to Move It, Move It

what? you've never worn your shorts on your head?

don't be jealous of these crazy cool dance moves...

whoa, did this happen? did i fall asleep?

he certainly does pull together some unique looks...momma is now modeling the latest's called "sticker tat, shorts for hat"

Monday, September 28, 2009

Weekend Hodge Podge

i have no real theme to this post, just a hodge podge of our weekend happenings. on friday night, i spent the evening with jess and allison trying to finish up my summer scrapbook. jess made yummy chili and cornbread...makes me ready for fall. i talked alot, probably a little too much for jess. we laughed alot too. i didn't completely finish that night, but was able to complete it during roman's nap on saturday. he really enjoyed looking at all the pictures of himself and even picked out a favorite one of him and uncle josh and aunt colleen.

he likes the pumpkins that i put out on the porch this week too...i think he confused the stem with his ring pop in this one...

did i mention he had a ring pop?

on saturday night, we got some great news...PoPo was going to the hospital to get his kidney transplant...FINALLY! ro sure does love his po-po...

sunday was a lazy day. lots of sleeping and lots of silliness.

thanks to everyone who spent their hard earned money on birthday presents for roman, but as you can see, he prefers to play with his laundry basket and the couch cushion!

Protective Poppa Bear

i guess instinct is to always protect your children from harm, physical or emotional, right? well, toby's instincts kicked in this morning when he dropped roman off at school. ro goes directly to the cafeteria to eat his breakfast before going to class. this time, when he sat down, another little boy, about 4 years old, pointed at roman and said "baby". here's how the rest of the "conversation" went...

toby: he's not a baby

4 year old: i'm a big boy, he's a baby

toby: you're a baby!

way to take the high road, hon! started off my monday with a laugh...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Monkey Pup

ya'll know i am not afraid to tell you how cute my own kid is, so here i go again...

ro just seems to be doing and saying the cutest things lately. of course, in between all these cute things, there have been some fall down, face in the carpet tantrums, but who remembers those when cuteness reappears?

the first thing he has been doing which i think is the sweetest, is saying "momma, i hole shoe", which means, please hold me. my heart melts into a little puddle on the floor everytime he says it. how can i resist scooping him up and giving him a big 'ole bear hug?

the second thing is the way he separates his words. there is definitely a space between two words that he is trying very hard to pronounce. Examples, please?

joos......(long pause).....bots. = Juice box
poppa.....(long pause).....werp. = Poppa is at work
ro-ro.....(long pause).....boat. = That's my boat's my new favorite...
muntee....(long pause).....pup. = Monkey cup (see video below, complete with sound effects, in case you didn't know what sound a monkey makes)

should i change the name of my blog to "look how cute my kid is"? tee hee

Monday, September 21, 2009

Hold My Hand

as toby took roman to school this morning, he asked him to hold his hand to go down the porch steps. roman put tasha (a backyardigan doll) in his other hand and took his poppa's hand. after making it safely down the steps, toby let go of roman's hand and started walking to the car. he heard roman talking behind him and he turned around to find ro telling tasha "hold my hand tasha, hold my hand" as he stepped down the little half step on the sidewalk, holding tasha by the hand. could he be any cuter? i'm thinking no.

Ashleigh & An Alligator

i know i already posted some pics of roman from the weekend, but the chick with the good camera (stacey) sent me some really good pics that she took while visiting this weekend. i had to put some more on here. how cute is ashleigh? she wasn't a huge fan of the sand and the sea, but she didn't hate it either. i think her mom and dad need to bring her down here more often so she can learn to love it...whaddya think?

we were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a gator catching some rays on the bank of the lagoon...

...and here a a few shots of the kiddos together.

the kids had a good time on the boat too, but we were too busy hanging onto them to actually get a picture! maybe next time.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Beach Bum

our friends the tate's are visiting this weekend, so we took the kids to the beach this morning. roman rarely gets to go to the "real" beach because i'm not a fan, we normally hang out at the sandbar. but, i think he likes the ocean, what do you think?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hairy Scary

time for a haircut?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Let Them Eat Bread

what do you do with a package of hot dog buns that were frozen and when you attempt to thaw them, they are hard as rocks? why, feed the ducks, of course!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Pablo, Party, Presents

we had ro's birthday party today. i stayed up quite late last night making him a pablo cake. who is pablo you ask? well, pablo is a backyardigan, of course. duh. i don't have to bake from scratch, but i at least need to bake at home and ice it myself. there is just something charming about homemade, mom-decorated, imperfect birthday cakes that warms my heart. well, i'm pretty proud of myself, so i thought i would brag a little...check me out!

ro was pretty excited for his party, here he is following me around with his balloons...

first, there was a little playtime...mady and hala had fun playing with his toys.

then on to the presents! woo hoo!!! check out all the great stuff my friends and family gave me for my birthday.

and then, of course, the bag provided quite a bit of entertainment...

then, we moved on to cake. i might have been more excited than roman. okay...i definitely was...but he could barely contain himself when he realized that the birthday song would be sung by all partygoers. to him. at the same time. see how he is biting his lip? we should all be so excited on our birthdays. really.

i don't have any pictures of him eating cake. he won't eat it. of course, i knew that before i spent my friday night making a cartoon penguin out of blue and yellow icing. i just didn't care. my kid was gonna have a pablo cake at his birthday party, dangit.

She's Scrappy!

i just wanted to show the cape and initial tag that i made for roman from scraps that were leftover from the tag blanket project. ta da!

cape or huge bib?

more of a stop sign than a circle!

maybe i'll do better next time!