Tuesday, October 30, 2012

All My Punkins

we've finally been feeling some fall weather and i'm loooovvvvviiiiing it! toby thinks it is cold, but really, its just a little chilly!  bring on the jeans and sweatshirts, oh yeah!

gianna's hair is slower to grow in than roman's was, but her curls are starting to show up...like this crazy one!
gianna is all over the place these days and i love it. she's so much fun!

and she is so ticklish too
guido is getting big and he's super silly...stretched out to the max playing with his football

playing shy
when ro had a half day last wednesday, we carved his pumpkin and painted the other two...
weapons class on saturday
i was so proud of him, he went to the back of the line with no pushing (something he's been struggling with at school)
he's getting really good with this weapon, huh?
poppa bought him this air gun at bass pro and he was shooting at some ducks set up in the windows
snack time can get really messy
i thought this was so cute...i told roman "i love you with all my heart" and he repeated me in a little southern drawl...
this melted my heart.  getting groceries on sunday, he just put his little arm around her and kept her happy the whole time we were at the store.
anything for the kids...and by kids, i mean all 3 of them! i mean, you guys know that toby is a big kid, right?  he loves getting this stuff for roman and now gianna too.  and it makes them happy, so what can i say?  (honestly, i actually really like them...shhh, don't tell)

Monday, October 22, 2012

Coming up for Air

it's been a rough week. gianna got sick early wednesday morning and so i stayed home with her that day, thursday was toby's turn, and friday it was me again. i took both kids to the doctor on friday, roman had a little cough, but was fine, so off to school he went. AND, toby was out of town on friday night and i started to feel crummy. man, am i tired! little miss wanted to socialize last night. not sure if that was because she had a late nap yesterday or what, but i am praying for a full night's sleep tonight because toby is out of town again tomorrow night. 

i texted toby last sunday (i was in a class all day) to make sure he was doing okay with the kids.  he texted back..."yes! she is definitely your daughter...put her in her pack and play with toys everywhere...came back to all the toys put away in the basket and the pack and play was completely clean."  that's my girl!!!
 they love to play together
  doesn't look like she's too thrilled with my halloween costume choice
a new song he learned in school
  i took the kids to chickfila for dinner friday night to make it easy on myself
i want some ice cream too!
 this boy makes himself comfy, doesn't he?
and she just seems to pop up everywhere now! 
 funny man
roman had 2 birthday parties to go to on saturday, and i got to go the later one with him.  it was a backyard movie.  so cool.
after church yesterday, we headed down to old bluffton to the art and seafood festival to get some lunch.  somebody can't walk and eat, so this nice man let him have a seat to eat his pb sandwich.  very nice.
she was wondering why she didn't get to eat anything
roman got a turn on the big swings. he can really swing high!
it was such nice weather to take a ride on the golf cart.  i didn't realize that roman had ice cream on his nose!  i guess that's what happens when you stick your face in the bowl!
watching mickey mouse after her nap.  getting comfy!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

11 months

she was born on 11/11/11 and turns 11 months on 10/11/12. kinda cool. so bittersweet...she's growing up and i love all the new things she is doing, but she's my baby, dangit! stay little! here's what she's up to these days...

  •  she weighs 19 1/2 lbs.
  • she pulls up on anything and has even taken a few steps with the aid of her "walker".
  • she still only has 6 teeth.  but she can eat the heck outta some cheerios with the 6 she's got.
  • speaking of cheerios...sister can put some away...they are her favorite snack!
  • she's still a really good sleeper.  most nights it is 11 or 12 hours.  she doesn't really nap well in the afternoon at daycare, but at home on the weekends, she will take 2 or 3 hour naps.  i've gotta be careful with those though because if she sleeps too late, she has a hard time going to bed.
  • she still doesn't have much hair.  but it is starting to get  a little thicker in the back and curls a little bit too (yippee!)
  • i absolutely LOVE when she laughs.  her little nose wrinkles up and her bottom lip moves off to the side and you can see all her teeth.  kinda like in this picture below.  love it...
keep being sweet, you sweet thang!

A Little Peek

this is just a little peek into our lives. i realize that everyday things are the most important and special to me and so i'll try to share those more often. 

roman, doing his middle split at testing on saturday
roman, performing his low block

gianna and gage watching their big brothers play soccer on saturday afternoon

 i was trying to get her to say lilah...she had just said it right before this...
 when i get out of the car and walk back to get gianna out of her carseat, this is what i see...every time.  happy girl.
this is what i see when i leave her at daycare.  i put her in the highchair and give her a snack and she's a happy girl.  she loves miss daisy and miss daisy loves her!
i love this toothy grin!

bathtime for my littles

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Keeping me on my toes

you just never know what's gonna happen around here! 

batman showed up in my bathroom!
soccer player on a sugar high (can you tell which flavor ice cream he had?)
look momma, a heart in my banana
partners in/fighting crime, ro and mitchell
oh heeeyyyy, 'scuse me, i'm on the phone.
laundry...my way (neatly folded in baskets) vs. his way (strewn about on the bed)

Video Overload

sorry to do this this way, but i've got lots of videos to share. i loaded them most recent first. i couldn't pick my favorites, so there's a lot of the same activities...