Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Some Finishing Touches

so, tonight was the first night that roman has ever spent the night away from me. his mimi wanted him to spend the night over at aunt hettie's while she is in town, so i had a little time to kill tonight. and, since he wasn't in his room, we could finally get around to hang up some of the finishing touches. check them out!

we had this photo key hanger thing. the middle section was a mirror, but i spray painted it with chalkboard paint. bring on the goofy messages from mom! photos to be updated later and i'm going to make him something for his birthday that will hang from this. stay tuned for that in september.

you know his father had to show some philly pride in here!
a shot of the corner with the blackboard hangy thing.

thanks to toby's careful letter hanging in the nursery, we were able to quickly hang these again in here with little trouble...

view from the closet corneri think this would look a lot better with the bed under the letters, but that really isn't an option yet at his age. plus this leaves more room for him to play.

i still have one more project in the works. i'll be sure to post that when i'm done! thanks for bearing with me while i show off his new room.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

I Couldn't Wait...

okay, so it's not totally complete, but i couldn't wait to show it off! (remember that patience thing that i don't have) we totally busted our you know whats this weekend to get this paint job done! started friday night and just finished in time to put him to bed in his new room sunday night. the good news...this was the last room in the house we have to paint! what what?!?

step 1: paint the room green. check!

step 2: paint the white stripe. check! step 3: paint the blue borders on the white stripe. check! step 3 1/2: knock over a container of white paint all over the newly painted wall and all over the carpet. check! oh wait...that wasn't on the list, but we inserted it anyway. the good was on the carpet that was going to be under the bed anyway. sweet.

step 4: fill the room with all the fanfreakingtastic stuff that i've been buying for a month now to make his big boy room my favorite room in the house. check!

i love this!
i found this picture online and then copied it and painted it on a canvas. i'm not a talented artist like my mom and brother, but i sure can copy! this was easy because i didn't have to paint the face, hands or feet. i think it turned out pretty good if i do say so myself.
the corner where the bean bag chair will be his reading corner. i still have plans to add some shelving.
we also need to add his name and some other things to the wall, but i couldn't wait for those things to get done to show you! but, you can be assured that i will re-post when we get those up!

Party Time!

this weekend was a busy one. we were planning on painting ro's new big boy room, roman was invited to his friend's birthday party, we were having toby's fam over sat night and so, needless to say, i am totally beat right now. but, i feel so satisfied that we accomplished so much in one weekend. yay!
ro's friend bryson has the best backyard. full of fun stuff to do and completely covered by trees. his mom was smart enough to have the party in the morning. coolest part of the day, get it done and over with so that the rest of the day is free to do other things. no missing naptime. yay for bryson's mom. she rocks.
roman spent the first half hour chilling at the top of the slide. he loved it up there. it was like a little tree house.

finally, he slid on down! bryson came up to hang out with him for a while...

i love this look. i know he looks sad, but i think he is the cutest when he is just staring into space like this.

hey there!

he drove the police car around for awhile

this cracks me up. someone else got in the police car and he wasn't mad, but he was seriously checking out the situation. hands on the hips. he's serious folks. here's the birthday boy, bryson. isn't he super cute?he had fun crawling back and forth in this tunnel here are two of his best buds at daycare squeezed into the cop car.the girls. roman LOVES when they come over to play

rylee imitating erkel. it's pretty scary how much she sounds and looks like him when she does it.

he entertained himself while i set up his tent today peekaboo! seriously? what is wrong with this child? after we put on these shoes, (no pants necessary for this outfit), he kept walking back and forth from toby to me saying "what think?, what think?" well, little man, i think you are super goofy and amazingly cute! that's what i think!


remember this?

well, it turned into this...

this weekend, i finally put up the vinyl decal that we ordered for above the toilet. you can't install it on freshly painted walls, so my patience was put to the test.

this goes above the towels. it's kind of small and looks a little goofy, but maybe i can find something to go on either side of it this cheers me up as soon as i come upstairs! it's so bright and fun, i think. one room down, one to go...we are tackling the "big boy bedroom" next.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

New To Us

okay, so i got a wild hair up my you know what on friday and decided i wanted a new car. how lucky am i that my husband went along with my crazy whim? oh, yeah, and so lucky that we are blessed enough to be able to afford this. here's my short story of cars i've owned...if you care...which obviously doesn't matter because i'm telling you anyway cuz it's my blog! hee hee

19 years old - mom buys me a 4 door white chevy spectrum

21ish years old - i buy a 4 door white honda civic

28 years old - we buy a 4 door red honda accord

33 years old - we buy a 4 door white honda accord

i'm really stepping out of the box here, huh? well, i guess variety isn't the spice of life for me! either way, i love my new to me car, but don't get to pick it up until tomorrow i do get another day to say goodbye to my car that has taken me many places for 5 happy years!

isn't she pretty?

another new to us item we got this weekend was from roman's cousins macee and rylee. they had outgrown their little red kitchen and it matches so well in our red playroom!

they also gave him all the little fake food and pots and pans that go with it

i know we are going to find fake food all over the house for years to come...i've already found 2 hotdogs behind the trashcan tonight...ha ha

these are new too. he already broke the ones that aunt hettie gave him, so we needed to replace them. oh goodness, do they magnify his gorgeous lashes or what? and bring out the blue in his eyes...oh man, i love this kid!

okay, gotta go now, just remembered that i have ice cream in my freezer!

Monday, July 5, 2010

His First Fireworks

believe it or not, this was the first year we have taken roman to see the fireworks on the fourth of july. last year, we made an attempt, but plans fell through and we ended up watching them on tv at home. losers, i know. well, this year, we were going no matter what. we headed to the island around 8 (normal bedtime) and of course, he fell asleep right away. we woke him up when we got there and he was so great. he was really patient during the hour wait for the fireworks. we found a few ways to pass the time...sword fighting...light stick fights and crab watching. it was a great time. he loved it...

checking out the other partygoers on the next dock overstill a little sleepypardon the interuption, but, who needs a pedicure?
mmm, i'd like to eat you mr. crab!
nice view
kinda blurry, but we saw a sting ray too.
light stick fight
momma, when are the fireworks?
he got the white light stick and momma got the red one
waiting ever so patiently
oooh, they are about to start!
lame picture of the fireworks, but it's the best one we got
oh man, this was so much fun
i love it when you get to see his face light up with joy. seeing something new and being so excited to talk about it the whole way home. i think we might have a tradition...