Tuesday, April 28, 2015


my kiddos have so much personality and i love it.

roman's got the best eyebrow action around!

and this little cutie's got silly faces galore!


Friday, April 10, 2015

Spring Breakaway

we are on the 2nd week of spring break for roman, and since we didn't really plan anything super special for him, i thought it might be nice to go somewhere different and do something fun. our friends have been to this park before, but we haven't. i asked around to see if anybody else was up to heading there for a few hours and sure enough, we had quite a few friends that were able to come along!

this park is in ridgeland, sc, which is about 30-40 minutes away, but it has a really cool treehouse, zipline and splash pad. we packed lunches and swimsuits and headed up around 10:30.

the boys were quickly running all over the treehouse and it was hard to keep track of where everyone was. luckily, the whole playground is fenced in and we didn't have to worry about losing anyone.

silly boys

gianna loved this swing. it was a nice mix of hammock and swing...

soon after we arrived, the kids were hungry, so we all headed over to the picnic table to eat lunch. yes, that is 12 kids!

we secretly sent jennifer (another mom) over to the splash pad to see if she could turn it on. we didn't want the kids to be disappointed, but we also didn't want them to freak out when they saw the water shoot up out of the ground. spoiler alert...she figured it out...and so did the kids!! they rushed to put their suits on and headed for the splash pad.

the three little sisters...Nell, Gracie and Gianna.

i think she was having fun... don't you?


gianna definitely stayed around the edge, she wasn't quite brave enough to head in the middle.

those boys though...they lived in the middle around the spout.

after a while, they were over it and we went back and changed into dry clothes. gianna was feeling super confident and headed up to the top of the treehouse...hi momma!

so proud of herself

zip lining was so fun!





her favorite, the swings!

i was really impressed with roman's monkey bar skills


finally, time to leave. one last group shot.

oh wait...one last silly shot!!

i seriously needed a nap after all this fun!



Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Our Easter

time to pretty up some eggs!

halfway done, these are our favorites so far...

so proud of their creations

time to add a little extra something.

an egg with 3 eyes? of course!

bunny ears on little sister? oh yes.

after the eggs were properly decorated, we made marshmallow bunnies. not the edible peep variety, but the kind where you glue the mini marshmallows on a piece of paper in the shape of a bunny. roman picked green and gianna picked pink. it was a really fun project!

they both concentrated really hard and both did really well. it was a fun project!

these minions are so cool!

roman wrote a note to the easter bunny, in hopes that he would leave them something.

the bunny delivered! gianna didn't even have time to climb all the way up in the chair, she just got so excited!

roman got a few new movies

....and what else is in here?

jelly beans!

look momma, the easter bunny wrote me back!

gianna got a frozen hooded towel that she has been wanting for a while now.

both the kiddos were looking super cute for church.

after church, poppa and roman worked on putting together the soda can robot that the bunny left.

after naps, our family came over for dinner and macee made this cake...how cool is this?

the best part was what she put inside. check this out!



once the whole family was over, i really didn't have a chance to take pictures and this is truly the only picture i got of after dinner activities. the big boys were playing pickup basketball and are probably glad that i don't have pictures of that. in this one you can see gage in the neighbor's yard, alex helping gianna with her bike, macee randomly wearing a helmet and heather huddled up with her hood on because the bugs were BAD. we had good food and fun with great family.

i hope you had a blessed Easter too!


Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Look Who's Here!

this past weekend, we had some special stuff planned! i had told the kids a few weeks back that mommom and poppop were coming to visit, but they sort of forgot about it and i didn't bring it up again. so when they pulled up in front of the house on friday night, the kids were pumped. it was right when roman recognized mommom getting out of the car that he remembered i had told him about their visit. gianna, of course, didn't remember, but went sprinting for mommom and didn't let go the whole weekend.

it was a great weekend for a visit. i thought that mommom could watch gianna at ballet class, but gianna had a different idea. she went into the class, but it wasn't long before she broke down crying. this has happened once before, and really, there is no going back. it's only a half hour and she ruins the rest of the time for the other girls by crying the whole time. so, we headed back home.

it was also opening day for baseball! luckily, this year, there wasn't the big parade onto the field, so we just got to show up at gametime and cheer on the boys.

the boys, anxiously awaiting their turn on the field.

alright bulls, let's have fun and play ball!

cousin chase is up at bat, roman on deck. poppop was giving advice through the fence...

this was a swing and a miss, but a good swing.

yes, we are just sitting like a lady with our green apple over here. i bet this was the longest she sat down. she was all over the place, this one!

it was a bit chilly, but the sun was shining and there were no bugs, so i call that a win!

colella boys with a win on the first game!


holly gave me this bracelet at the game. her sister made it and holly has one that has chase's initials on it. isn't that just the sweetest? i love it!

the kids had fun decorating easter cookies. this was a bit reminiscent of a gingerbread house, with inedible edible cookies and sugary icing and rock hard candies. but, the kiddos enjoyed it!

like i said, these two were inseparable. they were always side by side, snuggling and cuddling.

nice pic with the grandparents...

goofy kids...

roman started hiking his pants up and acting silly. he would stroll out of gianna's room with a serious look on his face, but then he couldn't hold it. he would bust up laughing! which in turn, had us cracking up too!

see....he can't keep a straight face!

mr. eyebrows...

then, gianna saw what a reaction roman was getting and she wanted in on that action too.

ta da!!!

look at me, look at me!!

stuck like glue, these two!


then, gianna took our picture.

selfie with mommom!

gianna took this too!

silly mommom took my glasses by accident when she already had hers too. don't get greedy with the glasses mommom!

story time for mommom and gianna as roman reads them a book.

and just like that, they were gone. we had a lot of fun, ate a lot of food and gave good hugs and snuggles. we hope you'll come back soon!!