Sunday, June 27, 2010

What We Did

so, yes, i'm a slacker. i'm dwindling down to about 1 post per week. i know, i'm lame. i just don't get the camera out as often as i used to. and, i can't seem to get videos to load on here anymore. i am working on getting a bunch loaded onto youtube so that you can see all the crazy things this child of mine does. more on that later. here are a few pics from our weekend...

this is just a little sneak peak into our saturday project. i'll show you more later!

a playdate with mady!

it was so stinkin' hot here, we had to get out and cool off... chasing his "girlfriend" now, she's after him! taking the corner on one wheel... starting a water gun fight ...and then, more running

she's a cutie pie for sure!

taking a juice break and re-filling the water guns
gun in she comes!
cooling off with some popsicles
ahhh, so yummy

playing with playdoh on the front porch
hey there mady girl!
concentrating real hard....
hope your weekend was just as nice!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Chocolate Monday

he was promised if he finished all of his oatmeal, he could have cake. well, i've never seen him down a whole bowl of oats so fast!
first things first. must stab cake with balloon stick.

...and he'll start with just a little lick...
balloons are so much fun...especially stuck in a cupcake
is there any other way to eat this?

oh...well, i guess there is. face first.

happy monday.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fashion Forward

this kid knows style, huh?

p.s. doesn't his hair look super blonde in this picture?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

I Could Not Ask For More

what a great day. my wonderful husband let me sleep in. we went to aunt hettie's pool and hung out with the girls. he wore the goggles until they broke. rylee gave him a popsicle. he floated in the pool for 3 straight hours (surrounded by all the girls), didn't get upset when we had to leave and slept for 3 hours when we got home. tonight when we were getting ready for bed, he sat on my lap, looked in my eyes and told me..."momma, i'm happy". i mean, seriously? i could already tell that he had a great day, but for him to tell me he was happy was like music to my ears.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hey Batter Batter

so, instead of your basic t-ball stand, i had to purchase this new-fangled contraption that promises to help him keep his eye on the ball. it's actually kinda cool and i think he's gonna have tons of fun with it, but the velcro that holds the ball is still VERY strong right now. hopefully with lots of use, it will wear down and he'll be hitting home runs like the pros!

i think i might see a problem. here he is at the point of contact and his eyes are closed!

Freddie's Flipped

i really don't understand this. this silly fish sometimes sleeps and swims upside down. so strange, don't you think?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

These Boots Weren't Made For Walkin'

i found these boots at a consignment shop. they are rainboots, but are styled to look like fireman boots. he loves them. but they are a little big. he had such a hard time walking in them, but refused to take them off. notice the goggles around his neck too. what a getup!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

In the Pool

he calls this his pool. so sad.

hey, whatever makes him happy!

I Make You Teeny

after 4 days at home sitting around watching tv, we've seen every possible episode of the backyardigans. a new one has become a favorite, it is called "race to the tower of power" and has two teams, the supervillians and the superheros. one of the superheros is mr. shrinky who can put his hands out and shrink things. roman decided after his bath that he was mr. shrinky and kept making us "teeny". then he turned into very clean guy which was one of the supervillians who turned good at the end (yucky man into very clean guy). it is hard to see in these pictures, but it was hysterical.

p.s. do you think he needs a haircut or what? i'm so lazy.

making poppa teeny

not real sure what is going on here
pointing his magic wand at me
crazy hair, crazy eyes

Thursday, June 3, 2010

This is Why

this is why i've been m.i.a. for a while. he's been sick for 5 days now. fever, ear infection, vomiting. not how we wanted to spend our week, but we gotta make sure he gets better soon! he moves up to his new classroom on monday. gotta be in tip top shape to head to the otter room. poor thing.

Little Coal Miner

looks like my little man just finished a hard days work in the coal mines, huh? well, don't worry, we haven't put him to work just yet...this is just what happens when poppa brings home a "surprise" i.e....pop-its! he loved them, but they are a little dirty...