Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Gettin' Fall-ified!

if you know me at all, you know that i love fall. not a big fan of summer. i know, crazy, right? especially since we live here. i've always been a fan of the change of seasons. especially, the change from summer to fall. the leaves changing. the crisp air. jeans and sweatshirts. love, love, love. well, it doesn't really happen like that here. womp, womp. so, i have to improvise. i decorate. i wear a sweatshirt even when i don't need it. i told toby that if i had some free time this past weekend, the house would be getting fall-ified. uh oh, he says. he knows to stay out of my way when i'm on a mission. well, sunday, everyone was napping. not me. i was the autumn elf, getting the house all decked out. ok, let's be honest, decked out means just the front door and a few things inside and then i light my fall candles and i'm a happy girl. here's a peek at my front door area. i made a new wreath. i was kind of over the wreath we had for a few years. so, pinterest to the rescue. a quick trip to michael's for some burlap and i'm a happy girl.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

In a Groove

 guess we are getting in a groove. a school groove. a sports groove. whatever groove you want to call it. we kinda do the same things over and over again. and i like it. i'm really ready for fall, though. can we have crisp air? can we have jeans and sweatshirts? c'mon already! i mean, if starbucks has pumpkin spice lattes, then i should be able to wear closed toe shoes without my feet sweating. oh wait, tmi? sorry!

 this makes me smile every time i catch a peek of them

 roman can make his sister smile/laugh like no one else can!

roman is enjoying his swimming lesson, he's such a quick learner.
roman is so pumped for soccer.  once he got in the game, he was a beast!  he just went after the ball and never gave up.  this picture is right before he scored a goal!
hard to tell, but there are actually 2 teams represented here.  they actually both had red shirts, the other team is more maroon, but you can't tell in this picture.  they are wearing white shorts, though.  so, you can see, ro has his headband and eyeblack on, and is focused on the ball. 
the colella boys needed some hydration

chase came over after the game and they played together.  they always play together well.  here they are calling me roman's favorite name...

i hate doing it, but sometimes a girl just needs to blow dry her hair without worrying that the ankle biter will crawl off and stick her finger in a socket.  i hate the "why you put me in baby jail" face.  but, 95% of the time she is happy and loving it in there. so yay, momma gets some personal hygiene in!
roman loves to pray with his "praying cross" that he made in school.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

10 months

our sweet little baby girl is 10 months old today! here's the scoop:
  •  she weighs 18 lbs.
  • she sleeps 11-12 hours most nights.  sometimes she loses her binky and misses momma so we have a little cuddle time then its back to night night...
  • she eats almost everything you put in front of her.  cheerios are her favorite right now. the only thing she has spit out is chicken, cheese and tofu.  we'll keep trying.  
  • she is really good at crawling and will pull herself up to her knees a lot.  sometimes she pulls up to her feet too.  
  • she loves getting a bath in the big bathtub.  loves water poured over her and splashing around.  
  • she's got 4 teeth on top and 2 on the bottom. 
  • she's still only got a little bit of hair...not enough for a barrette, so sometimes we still put a headband on. what she does have coming in looks to be a little bit wavy in the back...yay!
  • she's a little apprehensive around strangers for a while, but if you keep coming back to her, she will give in and be your best friend.  

this picture is for know why...

i love this picture...simply beautiful
  she really makes our family so happy...we are so happy she came into our lives!


Monday, September 10, 2012

Random with a Side of Fun

roman was invited to mady's birthday party at island gymnastics. i didn't get to go because gianna was sleeping the whole time, but toby sent me this picture. aren't they adorable?  i know they miss seeing each other every day.  note to self: must. schedule. more. playdates!
i was so grateful to have had roman at amazing creations since he was 8 weeks old, so i got this card made for them.  it shows 10 pictures of ro from 8 weeks all the way up to his first day of pre-K.  all together now...awwwww.
we got yard of the month!  funny story: we got this back in may too, but were too embarrassed to put it out so it lived in the garage the entire month.  last month our newest neighbor, justin, received the dubious honor.  dude has been out working on his lawn almost every day since he moved in.  it does look really nice.  but i believe the boys are in an unspoken competition now.  should we just pass the sign back and forth?

mommom surprised roman on his birthday and drove all the way down to spend the weekend with us.  she played a little trick on him here.  i think he actually got scared.  see how he locks the deadbolt after he gets his present?  hee hee

we took mom to brunch on sunday morning at montana's.  they have these two big bears out front so we got their picture with the "friendly with fish" bear.  the other bear looks very similar but no fish and he has red toenails and fingernails.  we're not sure if it's supposed to be nail polish or a "fresh from the kill" look?  either way...10x more scary than "friendly with fish".
gianna loved hanging out with mommom.  a little friendly game of bounce bounce was enjoyed by all.  and by all, i mean the two of them.  
love this picture.  roman just climbed up on the recliner arm next to toby while they are watching the eagles. 

It's Party Time!

it's party time, ya'll!
we had ro's party at island playground this year. we invited his whole class from st. gregory. about half his class came, which was really cool. we got to meet a lot of his new friends and their parents. he had a blast. we didn't have to clean up. win-win, right?

a few of the party decorations & goodies
we took cookies to roman's class on friday, it was really cool.
finally, party time!
the boys are running wild
the prince at the top of the tower
he was having some breathing issues, so we made him take a couple time outs.  boo!
we kept gianna busy with food. girl loves her some wagon wheels.  
rylee being crazy rylee
my crazy daredevil jumping (not sliding) down the slide
gianna's turn!
...and running some more!
...oh wait...did i mention there was running?
this is one of ro's new friends, mitchell.  this is the famous "boy with the freckles". 
big room, filled with kids, parents, food and fun
roman's birthday cake.  he wanted a "bucky" cake.  meaning, bucky from kicking and screaming.  so, basically, a regular kid in a soccer uniform.  okay, so they don't really make soccer figurines, so momma had to fashion one out of fondant.  he wasn't the cutest.  in fact, he was kind of scary.  but roman thought he looked like bucky, so mission accomplished!
these two are so mischievous.
the birthday boy liked his cake.  

blowing out the candles
and then, he didn't want cake.  he wanted to eat the soccer dude.  so he ate his face.  nice.
all the kids got to sign a t-shirt for roman and he got to take it home.  
...and finally...goodie bags!

i hope everyone had a good time.  it was a success in my eyes!  you only turn 5 once, right?

Friday, September 7, 2012

Birthday Boy

happy birthday to the best little man a momma could ask for. i'm dying over here. i mean, he's 5. FIVE!!!! how did this happen? 

just a few things about roman that i adore: 

  • his expressiveness...very animated facial expressions when he's excited.  love that.
  • his caring nature.  he cares when you are upset or hurt and will always try to comfort you.  he does this so much with gianna now too.  
  • he is so witty.  funny without trying.  this should be interesting as he gets older :)
  • he is SO smart.  he picks up on things that just i gloss over in everyday life.  toby and i find ourselves always saying "how does he know that?"
  • he's a cuddler.  still, to this day, he loves to be all snuggled up next to me.  he says, "momma, let's cuddle".  um, yes please!
there are SO many more things i love about him, too many to count. i'm still kind of in shock that i have a 5 year old.  and he goes to real school.  it's like it has just smacked me in the face that he's growing up {tear runs down my cheek}

 he woke up to balloons in his doorway
  and presents lined up down the hallway
he wanted to open this one that was by his door
ARMY man!!!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Happy Birthday Babe!

you are a great husband, an even better father to roman and gianna. we love you so much! happy birthday babe!