Friday, September 7, 2012

Birthday Boy

happy birthday to the best little man a momma could ask for. i'm dying over here. i mean, he's 5. FIVE!!!! how did this happen? 

just a few things about roman that i adore: 

  • his expressiveness...very animated facial expressions when he's excited.  love that.
  • his caring nature.  he cares when you are upset or hurt and will always try to comfort you.  he does this so much with gianna now too.  
  • he is so witty.  funny without trying.  this should be interesting as he gets older :)
  • he is SO smart.  he picks up on things that just i gloss over in everyday life.  toby and i find ourselves always saying "how does he know that?"
  • he's a cuddler.  still, to this day, he loves to be all snuggled up next to me.  he says, "momma, let's cuddle".  um, yes please!
there are SO many more things i love about him, too many to count. i'm still kind of in shock that i have a 5 year old.  and he goes to real school.  it's like it has just smacked me in the face that he's growing up {tear runs down my cheek}

 he woke up to balloons in his doorway
  and presents lined up down the hallway
he wanted to open this one that was by his door
ARMY man!!!

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