Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Spring Break Fun

roman had no school the week after Easter, so he got to do a lot of fun stuff with poppa. they would work around the house in the morning and then go have some fun.


he got to play a little putt putt golf


and he had nice hit at his baseball game too


since toby's dad was in town, we realized that all 5 Amada Colellas were in one spot at one time and took the photo op...

Amada Joseph, Amada Stephen, Amada Tobias, Amada Chase and Amada Roman

gianna was super excited about her own personal ice cream. although momma is not too happy that she seems to be a vanilla girl. i guess that she will take after her poppa that way. roman is a chocolate lover like momma though!

one day roman and poppa went to the go-kart track

who is having more fun here?

roman and chase got to go to a really fun birthday party at island playground for their friend, carson.

meanwhile, gianna had to stay home from the party and so as a consolation prize, we watched frozen. again. for the 879th time. she's got the hand motions down pat, now.



the next day, another cool birthday party at the bowling alley. here is roman trying to make it through the laser maze.

gianna is doing really well on her tricycle. but she really hates it when "it's not going!"


now it's back to school! 6 more weeks and then it's summertime!


Thursday, April 24, 2014

Our Easter

the kids both woke up really early on Easter. we made them wait until about 7 and then we ran, yes ran, down the stairs to see what the Easter Bunny left for them.

they were pretty eggcited (see what i did there?) about their baskets of goodies.

a power ranger morpher!

a chicky spinner thingy!

first egg

...and the hunt is on!

filling up her bag

she really had to reach to get this one.

this is one happy boy!

although the weather was kinda crummy in the morning, the kids really brightened up my day with their sweet Easter outfits.

she wasn't feeling the hug...

of course, we couldn't be normal for long.

love these kiddos with all my heart!


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Eggciting Times

the bunny's coming, so we need to get ready!

roman takes this seriously. gloves are a must!

we are having fun...nice side smile g!

ooooooh, pretty!

bring it on, bunny!


Saturday, April 19, 2014


this is what we've been up to lately...


we went for a golf cart ride and roman wanted to take our picture. i love her face and his reflection in the window.

a family selfie while we were out riding around.

i love checking on my kids before i go to bed. this sweet little face gets me every time.

yup. her very own pint of ice cream. she's not spoiled at all!

this is totally normal, right?



time for a new pair of crocs for the summer...this girl was made for shopping!

roman was surprised by a new book that arrived for him in the mail!

kisses from the bathing beauty!


Friday, April 18, 2014

Boys of Summer

our friend sherri took some great pictures of the boys playing ball.









this was the weekend i was gone, so gianna got to hang out in the dugout. i bet that was entertaining.


Friday, April 11, 2014

Meeting Ady

last weekend, i reluctantly got on a plane. all by myself. no kids, no hubz. i wasn't reluctant because i was afraid of where i was going or what i was doing there. quite the opposite. i was meeting adalyn jean for the first time and spending some quality time with lilah grace. i was pretty excited about that part. the part that made me SO nervous was the part where i leave my whole family behind. that have never happened before. of course, i go to work every day and i'm not with them all the time, but this was a plane ride away. not in my comfort zone at all. also, it was the first night i have spent away from gianna. i knew that she would be fine and so would the boys, but i was still really nervous. so, it helped that i was super tired when i got on the plane (3am comes super fast, ya know). i looked out the window for a few minutes and then tried to doze off for the rest of the flight into baltimore.

look at this face! i was so happy to land and see this little toothy grin!

and, i finally got my paws on this little bundle of pure cuteness.

just look at those little hands

and these super yummy kissable cheeks! don't let the pictures fool you. she has a full face, but she is TINY!

one thing i can predict with almost 100% certainty, it is that adalyn will have her tongue out. all. the. time.

and oh boy, did i get some good snuggles from lilah grace! she loves seeing her face on the phone, so we took quite a few selfies.

we went outside because it was not TOO cold. but the wind was blowing and mommom was cold! funny story...lilah called me mommom the whole time i was there. not sure if i look like her or sound like her or what, but i didn't care.


can you tell it was windy?

ady made herself comfy and i didn't mind one bit!

lilah loved playing with my phone and i really don't mind at all, but she brought it back to me and look what it said..."iPhone is disabled, try again in 5 minutes"...haha

her face says it all...

meanwhile, back in SC, the kids were taking advantage of a lenient poppa, wearing pajamas all day, and apparently pants were optional.

i made it back home by lunch on sunday and i was SO happy to be back home. i had a wonderful time and treasure that one on one time with my nieces, but i'm not sure i will travel without my family any time soon.