Friday, April 4, 2014

Life with the Crazies

my big strong guy sitting on top of the world. or the concrete ball at Parkers...
doesn't everyone watch Frozen, in the bathroom, in their "baby" suit, with their jump rope and washcloth?totally normal.
mimi and aunt maddy came to visit...a little lunchtime goofy-ness

gianna loves to pray, even at pretend dinner


aunt maddy, mimi and her little lovies

hot dog dancing

roman's class took a field trip to the beach. he is in the back row with the blue jacket. notice his teacher on the far left...super pregnant. this was on a tuesday and she had her baby on friday! what a trooper.

they had a picnic lunch and roman sat next to a sweet friend, evelyn


that's life! and i love it!


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