Thursday, March 30, 2017


i can't say i was looking forward to my fortieth birthday, other than hanging out with my family of four.  for some reason, that number was just a hard pill to swallow.  

however, if i had known what i was in store for, i probably wouldn't have been so anxious about it.  toby planned a party and my family drove down to surprise me!  as you can see, i was not at all prepared and totally caught off guard.  but, that part doesn't really matter at all...look at all my family!  i am so completely blessed with people that i love and that love me too!

the best part was getting these 3 stooges back together!

oh, sorry.  4 stooges.

we decided to have a sleepover with lilah and ady. 
it was gianna's first sleepover.  she's been begging to have one, and i'm so glad her first one was with her cousins. 

a little fun out in the sun

i was sad to see them go, but so happy they came to visit. 

the boys had practice on the evening of my birthday, so gianna took me out to dinner at olive garden. 

love this sweet thing!

Friday, March 24, 2017

No Day Like Snow Day

every year, saint gregory has snow day for these southern babes who have never had to experience the utter joy and wonder of an actual snow day.  one where they don't have to go to school, and they get to play outside and get frostbite and runny noses, and have to pee after they have put on 7 layers of puffy coats.  so, for those of us who grew up a bit farther north, it's kind of sad.  but, they love it and look forward to it each year.  this was gianna's first year, and she was pumped!

she even made a little snowman

roman found a target (poppa) and threw with all his might!

hanging with his buddy, carson

poppa had to get a little snow too, he needed revenge!

after taking off their snow covered clothes, they got to dress in pajamas and take part in some fun activities

painting with her prayer buddies!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Pickin' Daffodils

there is a really cute daffodil farm near our house, and they opened up for a few weeks in late feb, early march this year.  one saturday morning, gianna and i headed out there to grab a few pretty yellow daffodils to brighten up our day.

Monday, March 13, 2017

It's Our Life & I Love It

gianna is loving her new bike and princess helmet from nana!

we got to hang out with eleanor for an fun.

these three musketeers are so fun

we love our macee rae!

seriously?  who has this setup in their garage?  *raises hand* 
toby has hooked up the net to a wire stretched across the garage so he doesn't have to set it up every time, he just has to pull in across.  and, he got some free astroturf and made a batters box.  boom!

i asked gianna to work on not waking me up EVERY night when she had to use the bathroom, and if she was successful for a week, she could go to build a bear and pick out a new friend.  she did really well and was so excited to get a new my little pony.  also, she has been broken of that habit and momma is happy about that!

speaking you see how many stuffed animals?  this is just a portion of them!  we had to make room for them in about 3 different spots in her room.  but she loves them all!

are you missing pictures of roman?  that's because he is never home!  he is always at practice or a friend's house!  here he is with his friend, carson.  they were out to dinner while he was at their house for a sleepover. 

have you ever seen such a happy girl?

we love our facetimes with lilah and ady, and this time, they were laughing so hard at gianna's crazy hair!

that's our life, and i love it!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Catholic Schools Week

every year during Catholic Schools Week, the kids get to do all sorts of fun things like have crazy hair day and dress in their favorite team gear, etc...

i think they were most excited about crazy hair day!  ro's hair was long enough to put about 12-15 small ponytails in and they were sticking up all over.  gianna picked her pom poms to put in as pigtails and she was a happy camper! 

later that week, on sunday, they got to hand out pencils after church as sgg ambassadors.