Thursday, March 30, 2017


i can't say i was looking forward to my fortieth birthday, other than hanging out with my family of four.  for some reason, that number was just a hard pill to swallow.  

however, if i had known what i was in store for, i probably wouldn't have been so anxious about it.  toby planned a party and my family drove down to surprise me!  as you can see, i was not at all prepared and totally caught off guard.  but, that part doesn't really matter at all...look at all my family!  i am so completely blessed with people that i love and that love me too!

the best part was getting these 3 stooges back together!

oh, sorry.  4 stooges.

we decided to have a sleepover with lilah and ady. 
it was gianna's first sleepover.  she's been begging to have one, and i'm so glad her first one was with her cousins. 

a little fun out in the sun

i was sad to see them go, but so happy they came to visit. 

the boys had practice on the evening of my birthday, so gianna took me out to dinner at olive garden. 

love this sweet thing!

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