Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Funny Boy

ro has really been cracking me up lately, here's a few things that i can remember him saying.
  • me: ro, who did you play with today? ro: the boy with freckles on his face, but i don't know his name.
  • {roman taking a shower} toby: ro, did you wash yourself?  ro: wash what?  toby: your body.  ro: you mean this and this? (points to front and back)
  • {driving home from school the other day} ro: is today tuesday?  me: no, tomorrow is tuesday.  ro: is that when i'm gonna play soccer? me: yes, if it doesn't rain. if it rains, mr. brandon will let us know if practice is cancelled.  ro: mr. brandon? like at amazing creations? me: no, this is a different mr. brandon.  ro: two mr. brandons? me: yes, but they are different.  ro: do they look different? me: yes.  like you and your friends all look different.  ro: no we don't.  and i'm not roman, i'm ellowyn(?).  you picked up the wrong kid. 
  • {after his first soccer practice} me: did you make some new friends at soccer practice?  ro: yeah, but i don't know their names. me: that's okay, you'll learn them. ro: there's this one kid, he's not very good.  me: it really isn't nice to say that.  ro: momma, i didn't say that to him, i'm just saying that to you.  me: oh, okay.  maybe you could help him practice to get good.  ro: momma, he can't even keep the ball inside the cones!

here's a few more pictures from ro's first day. these were taken by the school photographer.

Monday, August 27, 2012

A Week in the Life...

i found these knee socks at target a while back and have been meaning to make some "baby leg warmers" for gianna for a while. since she is scooting all around on her knees now, her little knees are all red. i figured this would help protect them, even if it's just a little bit. plus, they are super cute, no?
roman has been needing some new pajamas for a while now.  as soon as he put these batman pjs on, he turned into this super serious super hero...
roman was "caught" being good at school, so sister canice allowed him to pick out a prize from her prize closet.  he chose this cross necklace.  he loves it so much!
big girl is getting a bath in the big tub.  she just loves being in the water!

guido was sleeping all cute on poppa right before i took this.  he woke up just in time!  look at that sleepy face!
we finally pulled out the big booster for her.  do you think she likes it?
i love this picture because her little hairs are sticking out on each side of her head.  she kind of looks like a little ewok...hee hee

roman got this school bus scooty thing for his first birthday.  we've saved it for gianna and i think she likes it.  maybe not with big bro on the back. i think it was squeezing her a little too hard that way!
again in the chair...loves it. 
how funny is this shirt?  i thought it looked like guido!
roman is really ready to start soccer.  his first practice was cancelled on thursday because it was raining, so we've been taking him up to the field in our neighborhood to practice.  saturday night was perfect for it.  not too hot, not cold either.  we played around for a bit and even found a feather.  i think he was more excited about that than playing soccer.  isn't he handsome?
i can't get the videos to embed right today, so here's a few links for you...


Thursday, August 23, 2012

{Un}Prepared for Pre-K

as much as i prepared for this day physically, you know, buying supplies, labeling all of his new school gear, packing the car, etc..., i just don't think i was mentally prepared for this. thank goodness it was a busy morning. toby and i both got up at 5:30 to get ready so that we weren't scrambling when it was time for the kids to wake up. roman was pumped to get going and was fantastic at getting himself ready. i mean, uniforms are expensive, but they sure do take the guesswork out of "what am i going to wear today?"...really, it's only red shirt or white shirt right now! i warned him that i would be taking lots of pictures. it was like i went papparazzi on him or something. this is big, folks...big. bear with me. i've chosen 18 of my favorites from the morning. that tells you how many i took if i only narrowed it down to my favorite 18. hee hee. 

oh momma, i almost forgot to make my bed
make sure you get my bumblebee backpack, mom
this is killing me.  
buckled himself in.  
aunt hettie called to wish him a great first day!
he was really excited to talk to her
my catholic schoolboys
my big boy, my heart
let's do this!
st. gregory's mascot, the raven
a little blurry, but such a great shot.  love the look back...
putting supplies away
checking out some of the new stations
praying hands
mrs. kelley is so funny
it was so loud, mrs. kelley had to use her microphone

after mrs. kelley said a prayer and told the kids what would be happening next, she told the kids to give mom and dad a big hug and kiss and get in line for recess.  roman hopped up and gave us a real quick hug and kiss and was the first in line!  i had to get that picture even though toby was pulling my shirt to make me leave.  mrs. wyman took all the excited kids out to the playground while the ones that were having a hard time stayed back with mrs. kelley.  i almost wanted to stay with her myself.  but i forced my feet to walk outside.
first in line for recess!

and then, i snuck another picture of them walking out to the playground.  he never even looked my way.  most of me is super happy that he wasn't looking for me and that he was just so excited to start his new adventure.  but the other part of me is crying.  how can he be old enough to go to school?  
SO ready for recess!

Monday, August 20, 2012

All Over the Place

yeah, this post will be all over the place...just like a certain 9 month old!

 while gianna and i were watching roman at his taekwondo class, she was being so happy and making all kinds of's just a few!
roman has started to learn a new weapon at taekwondo.  it's called the ssahng jeol bong (or nunchucks) he was so excited to finally get to use his Christmas present!
we are also getting ready for soccer.  practice starts this week.  his new cleats have these plastic pieces that you can stick in the sides to change the color of the stripes...he chose red to match his shirt yesterday.  poppa took him up to the field to get some practice in.
gianna is ALL OVER the place!  here's sneaky girl under the end table. 
roman and toby went to home depot so roman could get something to build.  he really wanted to build a birdhouse.  home depot didn't have any kits at all and lowe's didn't have any birdhouse kits, so he picked out this racecar to make.  fun!
gianna is such a little piggy, if you don't hurry with her food, she starts to eat her bib or placemat. 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Everyday Life

these kids of mine are so silly...

we do whatever works to get a laugh outta her...

this is what she sounds like most of the time when she's "talking"

this is what she sounds like when she is needing her momma!

mimi and aunt maddy came to visit, so we had to get a picture of mimi's gang!
poppa and ro went with aunt hettie and the girls to take mimi and aunt maddy to the airport, and they were gone a LONG time.  i was so happy to get my boys back, especially this little boy. 
our bedtime treats on saturday night...
roman has been really playing with his legos lately, so he wanted me to take a picture of his latest creation.  
another practice round at the pool this morning.  this boy's determination amazes me!  he certainly is working hard for those swimming lessons.  

9 months

gianna turned 9 months old yesterday!  our sweet cheeks is doing all sorts of new stuff, and growing up way too fast for momma's taste. 

  • you weigh 17 lbs, 13 oz.
  • you busted out all four top teeth this month!  in fact, i really thought you had another ear infection, but the doc said no...just getting all your teeth at once!  i find it really funny to see those little white chicklets poking out when you smile so big!
  • you started to crawl.  like, you were kinda hesitant last weekend and would only move forward one knee and then stop.  this weekend, you are SO fast....we can't even keep track of you!  
  • you are a really good eater.  you eat most of what momma gives you.  canteloupe, black beans, cottage cheese, squash and more.  i even gave you some bread and although you had a hard time picking it up, you were very brave and gummed it up!  i guess we've gotta start on meats now...
  • i'm still in awe of how you and your brother love each other.  he has so much patience for you and is constantly loving on you.  he calms you down and distracts you when momma needs a minute to finish something up.  you light up when you see him each morning and always want to be near him.  
  • you are starting to "talk" a little bit.  mostly when you are babbling away it sounds like "dadada", which poppa thinks is "dada".  we'll let him have that one.  but, when you wake at night and want me, you definitely make a different sound.  it is more like "aahhmmaammaammaaaa".  i'm pretty sure you know who you are talking to! :)  you also have discovered your tongue and like to talk while sticking your tongue out.  that makes for some pretty funny talk.  
gianna, you light up our world in a way that i could have never imagined.  i know that God knew what he was doing when he sent you to us.   

Sunday, August 5, 2012

You Want Somma Dis?

don't feed the zoo animals...they get vicious!
did ya'll know there was a ninja in our house the other night?  i was so skeerd!
poor babaloo ran a fever on wednesday and i had to pick her up from daycare.  the doc diagnosed a fever virus (what is that?).  then on thursday night she spiked to 105.9 so we went to the ER where they diagnosed her with a UTI.  they said she would scream during the catheter procedure.  but she didn't.  not a peep.  can't say i'm surprised.  look at that pitiful face though.  she was so tired.  all she wanted to do was go to sleep.  
we got home around 10ish and got the kids all settled into bed and then there was a loud pounding on our front door.  scared both of us so bad, we called 911!  crazy night.  
oh, i forgot to mention.  her ER dr. was named dr. snowman.  there was a nurse candycane too. i'm only half kidding. 
i stayed home with her on friday.  girl slept good!  
but you really couldn't tell that she was still running a fever.  she's mostly happy.  
she's such a stinker!
roman tested for his blue belt on saturday morning.  i didn't go because i was at home waiting for his new teacher from st. gregory to arrive.  but, toby said he did great...the best in class.  is anybody surprised?  (i better not see anybody raising their hands)

here, roman is performing a self-defense.
 ...and the instructor goes down!  roman's a beast!

 breaking the board!
 the tiny tigers.  what a fierce buncha dudes.  

she even felt good enough on saturday night to try a little of momma's chocolate ice cream.  i think she likes it!
we took the golf cart up to the pond to feed the ducks. 
she's really trying to crawl, but not quite there!

ok, now she is just showing the chair a little more love than i think is necessary.  i mean, i love it too, but open-mouth kisses G?  really?
um, hello?  is anyone there?
oops, i got caught!
i love this.  i have already collected a few pictures of both of my kids in the same pose.  now, i have another to add...Spoonie...the Sequel.  ha ha
here she goes!!!!!