Sunday, August 5, 2012

You Want Somma Dis?

don't feed the zoo animals...they get vicious!
did ya'll know there was a ninja in our house the other night?  i was so skeerd!
poor babaloo ran a fever on wednesday and i had to pick her up from daycare.  the doc diagnosed a fever virus (what is that?).  then on thursday night she spiked to 105.9 so we went to the ER where they diagnosed her with a UTI.  they said she would scream during the catheter procedure.  but she didn't.  not a peep.  can't say i'm surprised.  look at that pitiful face though.  she was so tired.  all she wanted to do was go to sleep.  
we got home around 10ish and got the kids all settled into bed and then there was a loud pounding on our front door.  scared both of us so bad, we called 911!  crazy night.  
oh, i forgot to mention.  her ER dr. was named dr. snowman.  there was a nurse candycane too. i'm only half kidding. 
i stayed home with her on friday.  girl slept good!  
but you really couldn't tell that she was still running a fever.  she's mostly happy.  
she's such a stinker!
roman tested for his blue belt on saturday morning.  i didn't go because i was at home waiting for his new teacher from st. gregory to arrive.  but, toby said he did great...the best in class.  is anybody surprised?  (i better not see anybody raising their hands)

here, roman is performing a self-defense.
 ...and the instructor goes down!  roman's a beast!

 breaking the board!
 the tiny tigers.  what a fierce buncha dudes.  

she even felt good enough on saturday night to try a little of momma's chocolate ice cream.  i think she likes it!
we took the golf cart up to the pond to feed the ducks. 
she's really trying to crawl, but not quite there!

ok, now she is just showing the chair a little more love than i think is necessary.  i mean, i love it too, but open-mouth kisses G?  really?
um, hello?  is anyone there?
oops, i got caught!
i love this.  i have already collected a few pictures of both of my kids in the same pose.  now, i have another to add...Spoonie...the Sequel.  ha ha
here she goes!!!!!

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