Thursday, April 29, 2010

Knee High In Pajamas

have i ever mentioned that my son is goofy? proof positive...

Monday, April 26, 2010

We Love Visitors

we haven't seen mommom since christmas! ugh! thank goodness she made the trek down this weekend. it was some much needed time with her.

hanging out by the fire on friday night after dinner

it got a little chilly she loves her romeo yes that is lunch. yes he is still in his pajamas. yes he is eating with "chopstips". sitting on mommom's lap is better than sitting alone ariah came to visit and ro was nice enough to push her on his schoolbus scoot scoot i'm not sure what ariah was doing...neither does roman
no naps...peeps are tired. what is roman doing with his tongue? he kept doing that all weekend!
roman still had no nap. momma, on the other hand, snoozed a little, hence the smile. sorry there aren't any more pictures. it rained all weekend and we spent most of our time inside. oh well, it was fun anyway because mommom was here!

Don't Laugh

mom came down this weekend, so i gave her her mother's day gift a little early. i call these the pants "only a mother could love". i found the pattern in a book i received for my birthday. they are called "wide leg lounge pants". my version looks more like clown bell bottoms.

well, she loved them anyway. that's what moms are for, right?
would you wear these?

missi wanted a small wallet for her birthday. is this small enough? i made two and gave one to mom too. missi got me those awesome labels for my birthday...nice huh?
it's small enough for your i.d., a credit card and some cash...what more does a girl need?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


i didn't know it started this young.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

what a great weekend! ro and i had a visitor yesterday morning. rylee came to hang out and we went shopping for a little while. then a nice lunch and nap and outside to play. today, we were a little lazy. watched a movie in the morning and then called mommom and mimi too. roman and toby went out for a little ride to get the boat and roman helped toby clean it up while i did a little sewing. then, everyone napped. yay for naps, right?

here's the rest of the day...

all dressed for church. isn't he handsome?

eating goldfish with "chopstips"

this is how i ended the day. so relaxing.
i am looking forward to this mom comes on friday! woo hoo...let the countdown begin...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

these make me smile...

just a few things that ro has said lately that just seriously crack me up...

:) while we were working outside potting the flowers, roman said...

"momma, i need gwubs"

translation: momma, i need gloves

:) the other night we were getting ready for bed and i asked him for eskimo kisses...

"momma, give basketball kisses" ... i guess that sounds similar, huh?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Welcome To Our Home

this weekend was spent outdoors. saturday at the beach, sunday in the yard. we are having a little get together on friday night, so it was the perfect time to spruce things up a little. we pressure washed the patio and front porch, all the patio and porch furniture and got a few pretty hanging plants. at the end of the day, i realized my easter wreath was still hanging. that's gots to go! a quick trip to michael's later... my crafting bone kicked in. i found this skimpy berry wreath, but it needed a little more substance. so i wrapped a wreath form with some yarn i already had to give it a little depth, plus it's soft against the door, so no scratching. then i "suspended" the C in the middle with some craft wire. you can totally see it, but i don't care. from far away, it's barely noticeable. i love it! just the thing our home needed to welcome you in!

can you see the wire?

see, barely noticeable from afar

p.s. i know i need a better/prettier wreath hanger, but it is extendable and most others aren't so things hang way too high for my taste! so there...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

It's The Little Things

who would think that such a little piece of plastic filled with soap would bring so much joy? to him and to me. after roman's 4 hour nap...yes, i said 4 hours...we went outside for a little bit to play with one of the toys mommom sent down for easter. a bubble whistle. he had so much fun and so did i. it was so cute to see...his turn, then mine. i would fill it up and then he would dump it out...accidentally, of course. but his little hands were soaked in soap and he figured out that he had to hold them just so, so that the bubbles would come out...

trying real hard

ooooh, here come the bubbles!

it doesn't get much better than a sunny afternoon on the porch, blowing bubbles.


finally got it to load!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

What a Bust!

i had a plan. it was foolproof. the forecast...75 and sunny....

oh, and 317 mph winds. did they mention that on the forecast? i don't think so.

what a bust!

hala with the wind at her back...

just happy to be outsideit's cold, momma!
oh well, we'll try again another day! at least i got some exfoliation from the sand hitting my face at record speeds...

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Basket Full of Goodies

last year roman really liked searching for the eggs that the easter bunny hid for much so that he did it twice! he could have cared less what was in them. this year, he was so excited about everything. the baskets...yes, there were more than one. miss jessica gave him a basket and a beach towel too. he also got goodies at aunt hettie's house tonight. he loved the dancing and the bell and the tuba at church, the egg decorating with the girls. i think he was in heaven all day long. i loved seeing him enjoy this day so much. hopefully you'll get a little joy from our picture story...

this is his "yook poppa!" expression. he just saw all the goodies the easter bunny left for him

checking out the goods

mommom sent a bunny pez
showing momma some of the loot
his tool belt
another basket? nice!
momma all wrapped up in ro's new towel
searching for eggs
found one!
oooooh, a big one!
filling up the basket
a yellow one!
an orange one in the orange tree...
rylee, alex & macee, decorating eggs
working hard for the sprinkles
messy fun
mr. serious
wiping his mess on macee's arm (that boy does NOT like to be dirty)
look how beautiful!
had to have more sprinkles
the final product! messy, but they had fun!

happy easter ya'll!