Sunday, April 4, 2010

Basket Full of Goodies

last year roman really liked searching for the eggs that the easter bunny hid for much so that he did it twice! he could have cared less what was in them. this year, he was so excited about everything. the baskets...yes, there were more than one. miss jessica gave him a basket and a beach towel too. he also got goodies at aunt hettie's house tonight. he loved the dancing and the bell and the tuba at church, the egg decorating with the girls. i think he was in heaven all day long. i loved seeing him enjoy this day so much. hopefully you'll get a little joy from our picture story...

this is his "yook poppa!" expression. he just saw all the goodies the easter bunny left for him

checking out the goods

mommom sent a bunny pez
showing momma some of the loot
his tool belt
another basket? nice!
momma all wrapped up in ro's new towel
searching for eggs
found one!
oooooh, a big one!
filling up the basket
a yellow one!
an orange one in the orange tree...
rylee, alex & macee, decorating eggs
working hard for the sprinkles
messy fun
mr. serious
wiping his mess on macee's arm (that boy does NOT like to be dirty)
look how beautiful!
had to have more sprinkles
the final product! messy, but they had fun!

happy easter ya'll!

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