Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Cookin' and Kickin'

last weekend we were kind of lazy. i was sick and the weather wasn't super fabulous, so gianna decided it was a good time to get cookin'.

doesn't she look like a little amish girl?

okay, maybe a drunk amish girl...haha

looks like her momma here..."hmmm...what's in the fridge?"

and, after all the rain we have gotten, we had not gotten to play any soccer, so last night was the first game in a while. it was so nice because it wasn't super hot, it actually was a little chilly and we had a great time cheering them on!
roman is #7

this picture cracks me up. roman is basically all curled up around the ball, all in the opponent's goal. and look at the mom to the's like "shield your eyes from the awesomeness!"

hope you enjoyed my kicker and my cooker! i certainly do!


Wednesday, September 17, 2014


9 years baby! time flies when you are having fun!

nine years ago, i could have never dreamed of all this!

love you babe. more than cotton candy on the boardwalk. and that is a lot.


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

First Sleepover!

when we made the decision to have a family-only birthday party for roman this year, he was bummed that he wasn't allowed to invite his bff, mady. i mean, she IS like family, so he was not happy about that.

so, we told him that he was allowed to invite mady to hang out and do whatever he wanted to do. i suggested going to a movie or the bounce houses or something like that.

he shouted out "can she come over for a sleepover?!"

that escalated quickly....haha. well, i'm thinking, if his first sleepover is gonna happen, mady is absolutely the best choice. so, i told him that yes, he was allowed, but that mady would have to say yes and her parents would have to say yes too. so, we tossed that ball in their court and waited to see what happened.

we got lucky and mady and her parents both said yes!

i admit that i was anxious about whether she would stay the whole night (apparently, her daddy was worried about that too), but she did GREAT!!

they watched a movie that night, with popcorn and juice.

they had a pillow fight.

and they fell asleep talking about anything and everything (seriously, everything. i lurked outside their door for a while and they giggled and talked for awhile).

we made it to morning!!! pancakes for the partygoers!

and for this little ornery chickie too! (she was the 3rd wheel the whole time, so cute!)

we took a break during the day for some soccer games. mady had one and ro did too.


how about that smiling face for a cheerleader?

and then after they cooled off and cleaned up with showers, we went to the movies to see dolphin tale 2.

i couldn't have picked a better friend for my boy and i hope they are always friends. 7 years and counting!


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Seven on the Seventh

i can hardly believe it, but my baby boy is 7!!!!!!

i am sad that the time seems to be flying by, but am so joyful for what he brings to our lives. he is funny and kind. he is thoughtful and grateful. he is a momma's boy and such a cuddler. he is strong and confident. he is persistent and patient. he is so many things and we are so thankful that God chose us to be his parents.


on his birthday eve, i snuck in to give kisses to the almost birthday boy. here is what i saw. the hand over the eyes is cracking me up. and the snuggle with his froggy melts my heart.

after i was sure he was asleep for the night, the preparations began. the balloon avalanche was in place.

the presents were lined up down the hallway.

but, in true Murphy's law fashion, this would be the one night that he called for me. he almost never does. but, because i had closed his door all the way to set up the avalanche, he got a little scared. of course, i cracked the door so as not to let the balloons fall in and said, "what's the matter, Ro". that wouldn't do. he needed me to come in. so, i did. and so did all the balloons. he was groggy and confused, but realized that the balloons were supposed to be for his birthday. so, he asked me to set them up again for him so he could have them fall on him in the morning. he said, "maybe i'll forget." haha so, i left the door open and balloons on the ground until about 6:30, then set them up again for the big avalanche!

and, HERE'S the BIRTHDAY BOY!!! (p.s. he said that he was surprised, because he forgot)

too bright mom!




and we took all the presents downstairs to open.

this is a little long, but we wanted to capture the moment (which ended up being a few moments, actually)



he spent a good portion of the day as Roman the Magnificent...thanks to a magic set from Aunt Hettie.

we had some birthday cuddles on the couch...

and then we went to mady's birthday party...

it's hard to see, but the birthday boy was the one to bust the pinata open. candy for everybody!!!

in a sea of pink, my little man was happy to celebrate his best friend

we are so blessed to have these two as first and best friends. now, if mady could just grow a little so ro doesn't have to bend down...haha

we ended the day with dress-ups. i guess we are ready for the next holiday, Halloween!!!

happy happy happy birthday Ro!! love you with all my heart!


Thursday, September 4, 2014

Backyard Birthday Bash

on saturday, we had the colellas over to celebrate family and of course, a certain birthday boy. it was great weather, everyone brought a dish to share and we had a great time together.

the birthday boy. he likes cake (mostly the icing), but give him some chocolate ice cream and he's set. (just like his momma!!)

reese found the bubble gun and then found herself in a cloud of bubbles.

mikah was all about the slip n slide. girlfriend would run and run...

... and then fall. so, maybe we should call it a run n fall?

okay, maybe not. this one knows how to do it right!

the girls were content in the baby pool, pouring water on each other and out of the pool.

finally...time for cake! roman said he wanted a ninja turtle cake, so i recruited maddy (in town for the weekend from college) and she brought macee and rylee too. i think it turned out really well and i am so grateful for their help!

but, of course, we couldn't have it be completely perfect, right? see in the picture above how the bottom cupcake icing is smooth and the others are textured? yeah. because this happened. right before i was taking it outside. so, with no extra green cupcakes to spare, i scooped it up, put the icing back on and marched that sucker outside. no shame. i regret nothing. (fyi, i took it off the tray as soon as he was done blowing out the candles. i may or may not have eaten that one myself. you'll never know.)

and then, we sang.


i think she likes it...what do you think?

look at this handsome fella. i just love his smile.

are we redneck or what? trunks and drawers hanging out to dry on the palm tree. hee hee

this was really funny. gage was driving the police car around the garage and ended up running into the bushes. roman ran over and made him get out so he could fix it. so, gage is walking away all dejected and roman looks to be reprimanding him for his erratic driving.

roman even got to open a few really cool presents too!

we had a great time celebrating roman's upcoming birthday with our family. we should probably do it more often, huh?


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Ready for Fall

okay, okay, last porch update...

well, we finally finished everything that we had been wanting to clean up/refresh/paint/stain on the porch. and i love it. it's ready for some fall weather with me hanging out on the swing. i hate to admit it, but it's still too warm in the evenings to go out there and relax. so, bring on the cool, crisp autumn air!

new flag, new textured porch floor, fresh coat of paint on the steps, and some stain on the swing, finally.

the stain we picked out ended up being almost a perfect match for the chairs. i'm thinking that in a few weeks, i need to go get some mums and put some color around here.

and, as always, i'm ready for fall long before it is ready for us. so, i made a wreath to welcome it to our home. (spoiler alert: it hasn't gotten the message, yet)