Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Cookin' and Kickin'

last weekend we were kind of lazy. i was sick and the weather wasn't super fabulous, so gianna decided it was a good time to get cookin'.

doesn't she look like a little amish girl?

okay, maybe a drunk amish girl...haha

looks like her momma here..."hmmm...what's in the fridge?"

and, after all the rain we have gotten, we had not gotten to play any soccer, so last night was the first game in a while. it was so nice because it wasn't super hot, it actually was a little chilly and we had a great time cheering them on!
roman is #7

this picture cracks me up. roman is basically all curled up around the ball, all in the opponent's goal. and look at the mom to the's like "shield your eyes from the awesomeness!"

hope you enjoyed my kicker and my cooker! i certainly do!


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