Tuesday, September 16, 2014

First Sleepover!

when we made the decision to have a family-only birthday party for roman this year, he was bummed that he wasn't allowed to invite his bff, mady. i mean, she IS like family, so he was not happy about that.

so, we told him that he was allowed to invite mady to hang out and do whatever he wanted to do. i suggested going to a movie or the bounce houses or something like that.

he shouted out "can she come over for a sleepover?!"

that escalated quickly....haha. well, i'm thinking, if his first sleepover is gonna happen, mady is absolutely the best choice. so, i told him that yes, he was allowed, but that mady would have to say yes and her parents would have to say yes too. so, we tossed that ball in their court and waited to see what happened.

we got lucky and mady and her parents both said yes!

i admit that i was anxious about whether she would stay the whole night (apparently, her daddy was worried about that too), but she did GREAT!!

they watched a movie that night, with popcorn and juice.

they had a pillow fight.

and they fell asleep talking about anything and everything (seriously, everything. i lurked outside their door for a while and they giggled and talked for awhile).

we made it to morning!!! pancakes for the partygoers!

and for this little ornery chickie too! (she was the 3rd wheel the whole time, so cute!)

we took a break during the day for some soccer games. mady had one and ro did too.


how about that smiling face for a cheerleader?

and then after they cooled off and cleaned up with showers, we went to the movies to see dolphin tale 2.

i couldn't have picked a better friend for my boy and i hope they are always friends. 7 years and counting!


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