Sunday, February 28, 2010


we've lived here for what, 3 years now? yes, that's correct. i've been to charleston how many times? two. once for a 4D ultrasound and once to take my boss to pick up his car. this is pretty typical for me. we lived in cleveland for 3 years and i never once toured the rock n roll hall of fame. well, finally, i became the tourist. woo hoo! we met my dad, stepmother, brother, sister-in-law and nephew there for the weekend. we did some pretty tourist-y things. i ate a lot. i took quite a few pictures. here they are.

roman will find something to play with almost anywhere

it is against sc law to have dolphins and whales in captivity, so it was nice to see this guy swimming free before we went to the aquarium uss yorktown, pretty cool looking with the sailboats in front, i thought
he's no pablo, but this little penguin was pretty cute
didn't think i would see this guy at the aquarium
this shark was pretty cool looking
wall of fish
this tank is much bigger than freddy's, poppa!
oh hey dudes...we're gonna have a great jump today
*sorry about the dark pic* ro loved all the "big ones"
*sorry about the blurry pic* this is is new "wow" face!
baby alligator...we've seen bigger ones down here, but he's kinda cute!
grandpa and his grandsons
josh playing leap frog
isn't he handsome?
it may have been chilly, but there was no snow on the ground
doesn't dad look like guy fieri?
ready to go swimming
momma did not bring her suit, poppa had to take the plunge
loves, loves, loves the water
taking a ride on the luggage cart
roman wanted to get close to the horse, but didn't want to touch it
we lingered too long in the chocolate couldn't resist the ice cream...
taking a stroll with aunt colleen
yum...chocolate covered pretzel
pretty sailboats
momma, this fountain is fun!
just wanna touch the water
...and again...
say cheese
havin' a good 'ole time
riding on grandpa's shoulders
this is better than a carriage ride
i can see russia from here...
he finally got brave enough to pet a horse! i'm so proud of him!
hopefully it won't take me another 3 years to become a tourist in my own state!

Hang In There!

hang in there will momma is trying to download all of the pictures from this weekend and she's a little slow...sorry!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Our Little Boy is Growing Up...Sniff Sniff

have you noticed anything missing? of course you haven't. i'll give you the lowdown...we are 10 days without a binky or "teetee" as roman always called it! can you believe it? it was easier than i expected. i probably made it out to be worse than it really was. basically we took it away last saturday and he didn't even ask for it all day on sunday until i laid him in his bed at nighttime. even still, we just say that "binkies are for babies" and he repeats that to himself and pushes through. i'm proud of my little guy!

another accomplishment to add to the growing list: poo poo in the potty! he's been going #1 for a while now and we only go when he asks...i'm not trying to rush things here. but, we put a little motivation on the back of the toilets in the form of candy, which seems to be working. *i think toby may be going a little more too...the m&ms seem a little low ha ha* anyway, he asked to "try" last night and i'm not sure he meant to actually do it, but either way, it happened and we celebrated!

on another note, we've been trying to be a little nicer to duke lately since he's taken a back seat to the new kid. roman has a hard time with this sometimes. he doesn't particularly like it when duke "hovers" while he's eating and doesn't like when he gets in his face while he's playing. so we hear a lot of "duke ... away!" but, sometimes, it gets quiet and i go to see what's going on and i see this. it brings a tear to my eyes. i know that these guys love each other so much.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Go Stacie, It's Your Birfday...

i've had a wonderful birthday weekend. i have spent a bunch of time with my boys and that is what makes me the happiest. my phone was constantly beeping or ringing yesterday with all my family and friends wishing me a wonderful day. thank you so much everyone!
ro was helping me open my gifts

happy birthday momma!

the girls came over to hang out...lotsa fun!
aunt hettie made ice cream cupcakes...yum
the girls make roman laugh so hard!

what a goofball...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love Love Love

i'm so glad valentine's day was on a sunday this year. that means i get to spend it with the ones i love the most. my two favorite guys in the whole wide world are on the couch right now watching a movie and that is how i would most want to spend valentine's day. i don't want dinner or chocolates or anything like that...just a lazy day with my guys.

presents for ro, momma, & poppa

ro got a lollipop

what else is in the bag? (don't ask where his pants are)
a puzzle book
roman loves puzzles
a heart shaped basketball lollipop! who knew?
happy valentine's day!