Monday, February 22, 2010

Our Little Boy is Growing Up...Sniff Sniff

have you noticed anything missing? of course you haven't. i'll give you the lowdown...we are 10 days without a binky or "teetee" as roman always called it! can you believe it? it was easier than i expected. i probably made it out to be worse than it really was. basically we took it away last saturday and he didn't even ask for it all day on sunday until i laid him in his bed at nighttime. even still, we just say that "binkies are for babies" and he repeats that to himself and pushes through. i'm proud of my little guy!

another accomplishment to add to the growing list: poo poo in the potty! he's been going #1 for a while now and we only go when he asks...i'm not trying to rush things here. but, we put a little motivation on the back of the toilets in the form of candy, which seems to be working. *i think toby may be going a little more too...the m&ms seem a little low ha ha* anyway, he asked to "try" last night and i'm not sure he meant to actually do it, but either way, it happened and we celebrated!

on another note, we've been trying to be a little nicer to duke lately since he's taken a back seat to the new kid. roman has a hard time with this sometimes. he doesn't particularly like it when duke "hovers" while he's eating and doesn't like when he gets in his face while he's playing. so we hear a lot of "duke ... away!" but, sometimes, it gets quiet and i go to see what's going on and i see this. it brings a tear to my eyes. i know that these guys love each other so much.


Mama said...

well darling daughter you didn't let me down. i needed to see more tonight, low and behold there are my boys, yeah im all welled up. No pressure or nuffin when you dont put new stuff on i just go back on the old stuff and still lovin it all, your writing is poetry,and the rest is entertaining.

Colleen said...

You should frame that picture, very cute.

mom said...

you never cease to amaze me how'd you get that snow in there girl.