Saturday, February 6, 2010

Two Very Different Saturdays

up north, our family is getting slammed with a bunch of that white stuff. i think they are getting more snow than we ever got in ohio...well, maybe at one time...

josh, in his elmer fudd hat, heading outside to dig out.

the view out of my mom's house. dare i say there is a vehicle under that huge mound of snow? my mommom's front porch (this area is actually covered...this is just what blew in)

we, on the other hand, just experienced some mild drizzle. so, we headed out this morning.

we went to macee's basketball game first.
heading up the court
in motion
then we stopped at pier 1. he really liked the papasan chair.
he got pretty comfortable!
i hope your saturday is a good one, whatever your weather may be....

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