Monday, January 30, 2012

70 degrees and Snow!

this weekend got a little nutso...on saturday morning we had taekwondo, then we went to lowe's to get some paint, then onto the island for "snow day", then to macee's basketball game and finally home again. after that, it was pretty laid back. but, we had a guy come in and paint both the living room and gianna's nursery, so those two rooms were kinda torn apart all weekend. then toby decided to do some tv re-arranging, so the playroom got torn apart too! i just hid out in my bedroom until it was all over. well, except for coming out to do laundry (about 6 loads...ugh!) and to eat. so, all in all, i'm grateful for the forward progress, but in the middle of that progress, i'm pretty cranky. i don't like having things out of place for long. we are hoping to get things back in order by the weekend. hopefully by then, i'll be ready to post some pics of both rooms!

here's ro sliding down one of the bounce houses at "snow day"

making the perfect snowball to throw at poppahe's got a pretty good throw he's been begging to have a snowball fight all winter and we didn't even get to see snow when we went to DE this Christmas, so he was a happy boy! my kids are pretty cute if i do say so myself we all just want to kiss that face all day long she's got a double chin just like momma! quack quack...all clean!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Camera Comes Out on the Weekends

so, i guess that is what it has come down to...the camera only comes out on the weekends? ugh. i want to get better at this. i want gianna to not be sad that there are only 15 pictures of her and 1500 of roman. the only way is to hang the camera around my neck 24/7. we all know that's not gonna happen...all i can do is try harder. i'm gonna work on it. here's what i've got for this week.

every time he plays his trumpet, it sounds like TAPS. seriously. it's so sad. i'm half tempted to learn a song so i can teach it to him. twinkle twinkle little star. anything but TAPS.

chef roman was eating his pancakes for breakfast. yum. i put gianna on the table, so she could have breakfast with us. i think she liked it. the table, i mean. breakfast was just milk. boring. chase came over to play. the boys are so funny together. i loved being in the next room, listening to them play together. so funny. and roman's kinda bossy. but chase can stand up for himself. atta boy.
we took them up to the school to ride the police car and the motorcyle.
chase got a turn to drive too.
...and they're off! i think roman is getting a ticket...
chase is a natural.
then, they had their lunch in their fort.
how about this face? she's got binky ring...can you see it?
all in all, it's been a great weekend. a lot more running around than i had planned, but good time spent together as a family. now, if we could just all get healthy at the same time, that would be great!

Monday, January 16, 2012


so, it's been back to work, back to the daily grind around here. i must admit, we (mostly toby) have been really just trying to dig out from the toy storm that was Christmas 2011. so, here's a few random shots from our life for the past few weeks.

here's our beauty queen, sleeping in her crib. and no, she doesn't sleep there at night yet. still in the bassinet right by me at night. i can't stand to be too far away from her yet. this was just a quick nap.

this was roman, the red-nosed reindeer, waiting by the window for poppa to come home whoa momma! what's with the flash in my face?
her first day of daycare! stylin', of course! and a quick laugh just to let momma know that everything's gonna be alright. i can't say that i didn't shed some tears. i mean, i'm human, right? ...and a woman, no less. cut me some slack. ok. i wish i had a "before" shot. once we got home and realized how many toys needed to fit in this room and not permanently live on the floor, we knew we needed some more storage. so, luckily the store where we got the office furniture still sold the same bookcase as the one we already had, so we got another one. then the playroom looked like a tornado ripped through it for a few days while the shelving was being assembled, attached to the wall, and re-loaded. now, i am happy to say that i can finally see the carpet again! halleluiah! ...and thank you toby! girlfriend was all tuckered out after daycare today. it doesn't help that she is sick. she's got her "welcome to daycare and all the germs that comes with it" cold. see her red eyes? poor thing has watery eyes, a little cough, and a stuffy nose. toby took her to the doctor and there really isn't much we can do except saline and suction. we were already doing that, so hopefully we are ahead of the game and she'll get better soon. yes, he got a haircut. yes, i think it is too short. yes, he had chocolate ice cream after dinner. yes, i made him shower right after i took this picture. yes, she looks exhausted. yes, i put her to bed right after i took this picture. yes, i have the cutest, most well-behaved kids. yes, i am blessed.

because i know you were asking those questions. right? humor me.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Holiday Photo Overload

Let me start with a few apologies...

1. I'm sorry this took so long.
2. I'm sorry I put so many pics in one post.
3. In the name of saving time, I'm not really giving this post the time it deserves, but considering that as soon as we got back from Christmas vacation my back went out and I start back to work on Monday...this might not have gotten done at all unless I did it this way.

Now back to regularly scheduled blogging...

Here's our holidays all wrapped up in 187 photos. Here's how it went down...11.5 hour trip up to DE (the kids did great!)...a few days at Mimi's...Christmas afternoon down to Mommom Teat's...then to Mommom's for a few days...13 hour drive home (the kids did great, momma and poppa, notsomuch)

Santa was really good to all of us and we are so grateful for the time spent with family. I just wish it could have been longer. I always do.

P.S. Here is the link to my YouTube page so you can see a few videos that we took over the holidays.