Monday, January 30, 2012

70 degrees and Snow!

this weekend got a little nutso...on saturday morning we had taekwondo, then we went to lowe's to get some paint, then onto the island for "snow day", then to macee's basketball game and finally home again. after that, it was pretty laid back. but, we had a guy come in and paint both the living room and gianna's nursery, so those two rooms were kinda torn apart all weekend. then toby decided to do some tv re-arranging, so the playroom got torn apart too! i just hid out in my bedroom until it was all over. well, except for coming out to do laundry (about 6 loads...ugh!) and to eat. so, all in all, i'm grateful for the forward progress, but in the middle of that progress, i'm pretty cranky. i don't like having things out of place for long. we are hoping to get things back in order by the weekend. hopefully by then, i'll be ready to post some pics of both rooms!

here's ro sliding down one of the bounce houses at "snow day"

making the perfect snowball to throw at poppahe's got a pretty good throw he's been begging to have a snowball fight all winter and we didn't even get to see snow when we went to DE this Christmas, so he was a happy boy! my kids are pretty cute if i do say so myself we all just want to kiss that face all day long she's got a double chin just like momma! quack quack...all clean!

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