Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Camera Comes Out on the Weekends

so, i guess that is what it has come down to...the camera only comes out on the weekends? ugh. i want to get better at this. i want gianna to not be sad that there are only 15 pictures of her and 1500 of roman. the only way is to hang the camera around my neck 24/7. we all know that's not gonna happen...all i can do is try harder. i'm gonna work on it. here's what i've got for this week.

every time he plays his trumpet, it sounds like TAPS. seriously. it's so sad. i'm half tempted to learn a song so i can teach it to him. twinkle twinkle little star. anything but TAPS.

chef roman was eating his pancakes for breakfast. yum. i put gianna on the table, so she could have breakfast with us. i think she liked it. the table, i mean. breakfast was just milk. boring. chase came over to play. the boys are so funny together. i loved being in the next room, listening to them play together. so funny. and roman's kinda bossy. but chase can stand up for himself. atta boy.
we took them up to the school to ride the police car and the motorcyle.
chase got a turn to drive too.
...and they're off! i think roman is getting a ticket...
chase is a natural.
then, they had their lunch in their fort.
how about this face? she's got binky ring...can you see it?
all in all, it's been a great weekend. a lot more running around than i had planned, but good time spent together as a family. now, if we could just all get healthy at the same time, that would be great!

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