Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goofin' Off

okay, i sat down with full intentions of posting all my christmas pics, but i have so many...thanks to our great new camera...that i got overwhelmed and ended up on (for those who have never used are missing out). this is the only thing i got done. so, while i was goofin' off, i figured i'd give you a few snippets of the boys goofin' off.

i really do intend on getting the christmas pictures up soon, so please stay tuned!

oh, and happy new year!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Sneak Peek

oh my, it's been a long time, huh? what can i say? i've been a little busy, a little sick, traveling alot...blah blah blah. i'm still trying to download all my christmas pics and i promise to put a ton of pictures up'll probably be sick of seeing what our holidays looked like when i'm done, but for now, a sneak peek!
this is what it's all about, folks!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Pajama Sunday

today was a lazy day. we've done a whole lotta nuttin around here. yes, we stayed in our pajamas all day. but we've had lots of fun.

we built a fort. it was kinda lame and small. that was my fault, but i got out the bug tent later and threw a blanket over it...voila...instant fort!

hello there! ro got a santa tattoo. on his belly. later we added a sleigh. he's probably gonna regret this when he's older, but we think it'll give him brownie points with the big guy this year. and then ro decided to flex the golden pipes a little...

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sunday, December 6, 2009

We Are In The Spirit

we are definitely in the spirit around here. shopping is close to done, the halls have been decked and each night when we drive home, it seems that more and more homes have "yights" up. we love seeing all the decorations as we drive home in the dark. specifically on our way home, we see santa, mickey mouse, several "cho-men", a few trees and lots of "yights". so, we had some fun this weekend picking out our tree and decorating it as well as decorating a gingerbread house with lots of candy.

the antlers...oh the antlers. note the sticker of a reindeer on his pajamas.

eww, he does not like the icing on his fingers. he's a clean dude. we had the papertowels right there the whole time. oh, this is gonna be fun! see this gumball. momma didn't realize it was a gumball until i found him still chewing it a few minutes later. that was our first experience with gum. it didn't last long. musta swallowed it pretty quick. ha ha can you tell he likes yellow? very precise it's starting to come together now he's really got the hang of it now now on to the tree...poor guy could not get the hang of those hooks. he was persistant though. he kept trying. putting a hook on the red one now he really liked the boat ornament and kept rearranging it. his antler belt what would any fun day be without a tantrum thrown in here and there? the final product! isn't she a beaut? we certainly love her!

we hope you guys are enjoying your holidays as much as we are!

Picking Out the Pine

saturday night we went to pick out our tree. around these parts, that means a drive to lowe's. they have a good selection and it's easier than chopping it down ourselves, right. so, off we went.

ya'll ready? ro's driving!

you think this is the one?

momma and ro found THE ONE

poppa, you sure that's gonna fit in the truck? like a glove....

Friday, December 4, 2009

Happy Birthday GT

today he would have been 28. we wish he was here with us, but know he is smiling down on us as we celebrate his life today. we all love and miss you terribly, happy birthday, GT.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wink, Wink

little things like this make my day...

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cozy Christmas Tour

my love of all things christmas probably comes from my mother. okay fine, it definitely comes from my mother. i always enjoyed our home being decorated for the holidays, it made it feel so warm and cozy. so, with thanksgiving behind us and christmas approaching at the speed of twinkling light, i headed out to the garage to get down my christmas decorations on friday night. most of saturday was spent in a sea of decorations strewn all about the house as i decided what should go where. i don't have nearly as much as mom, but i'm accumulating my fair share. i thought i would give you a few highlights. please, come on in...

the front door wreath. it's a shame it is kinda hard to see against the black door. it's really pretty, i think. i also have a nice doormat and an antique sled with a pretty bow on it, but the picture didn't turn out so great. maybe next time.

this is a wreath that my mom helped me put together quite a long time ago when i had my first house. i've had to replace the berries, but it has held up pretty well. also, now that i see it in the picture, it looks wonky. i might need to go make some adjustments... i still love it!
this is a new addition this year. i had this little tree in roman's room the last two years, but since he doesn't like any light in his room, it seems a waste to put it in there. do you like the little baby tree skirt i made for it? i think it needs something on the top...maybe a bow or something. i'll see what i can come up with. lovely cord hanging off to the side too, huh? on to the kitchen...of course, my snowman collection goes up above the cabinets. you can't see them, but there are lights up there too. they look really cool at night. i didn't have a garland long enough for up there, but i might buy one at the end of the season if i can get it cheap.
a closeup of some of the snowbabies my santas behind the sink with a lighted garland
a new addition this year, a card holder that i embellished with some snowflakes. unfortunately, the only place it fit well was over the trashcan. so, we can all admire the christmas cards while we smell whatever might be emanating from below... another new addition. i found this glass container at tjmaxx for cheap and didn't know what I would do with it for sure, but i kinda like this...some berry garland that looks like it is swirling around and a glittery star hanging from the top.

this looks like such a boring little area when i see it in the picture. i might need to liven it up with something...but do you see my snowflakes on the curtains?

not really new, but i added the snowflakes to the curtain, i like them better on the red than on the brown ones, i think. oh, and a cute new picture of a tree...
the mantle might be my favorite. so traditional. roman really likes looking at the stockings too. he can say snowman and santa and reindeer, so we have fun pointing all of those out, but i have to get him to stop pulling on them...

well, that's it for the tour. i forgot to take a picture of the bathroom upstairs, it's actually really cute with a snowman shower curtain and a reindeer nightlight, but maybe i'll take a picture later and post it when i have tree pictures to show off. we plan on getting that next weekend! hope you guys liked my cozy christmas home tour.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Giving Thanks

okay, so i'm a little late, but honestly, i was sooooo tired last night after decorating at work and then eating far more than my share of starch at dinner, i couldn't even think about blogging. so, here i am with my thanksgiving post, a day late. better than never, right? i have so much to be thankful for this are just a few things.

  1. my family. i have an incredible husband and the most amazing son a girl could ask for. honestly.
  2. the family that i didn't get to choose. God couldn't have given me a better family. i love to hang out with them, they make me laugh a lot and i enjoy every moment we get to spend together.
  3. my health.
  4. very supportive friends.
  5. a great job.
  6. a cozy warm home.
  7. the chance to grow and be a better person through experiences in my life.
  8. the technology to keep in touch and share my life with my far away family that i miss terribly.
  9. a warm soft bed to lay in at night (especially last night).
  10. hugs and kisses from my husband. oh how i've needed them lately.
  11. warm water for a shower (last year we went without hot water for a week!)
  12. starbucks peppermint mocha (yum).
  13. weekend naps with roman.
  14. elastic waistband pants for nights and weekends.
  15. la hacienda lunches with the girls.
  16. crafting. what a great way to be creative and feel like you might have a little talent!
  17. the way that God sends people into my life that he knows i need in my life.
  18. roman's kisses and hugs....quite plentiful lately... : )
  19. financial security.
  20. duke the dog. he has adapted to all changes in our family since he came into our lives 8 years ago and fits like a glove. a soft cozy white glove.
  21. candles that smell like food.
  22. a target within 2 miles of my house.
  23. peanut butter, without it my child would starve.

i'm sure there is a lot more i could list here, but this is a good get the idea, right.

i hope all of you (all 3 of you...ha ha) had a great Thanksgiving and continue to feel grateful for all the blessings in your life.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Go Allie, It's Your Birfday....

allison's birthday is actually tomorrow, but we celebrated today since tomorrow is gobble gobble day. we went to fiesta fresh...yummm...i think i'm still full. anyhoo, jess got her a few running related items and "packaged" them in an interesting way. it was quite amusing...the other patrons around us may not have thought so, but we sure did...

meet the drill sargeant (water bottle for running, dri-fit shirt, apple and of course, some peppermint hot chocolate)

her reaction...

i actually did give her something too, but i can't show you because it would ruin some christmas surprises....

happy birthday allie! i hope it is a good one...