Monday, February 23, 2015

And the Oscar Goes to....

someone was supposed to be taking a nap...

can you tell she has heard this book over and over?

this kid is too cool for school...

his basketball season is over now, but here are a few short videos from his last two games.



on saturday, we got to go to savannah and see rylee cheer in a competition. and guess what? her team won first place! go ry!!


Friday, February 20, 2015

Whatcha Been Up To?

sometimes, you just wanna make some cookies with sprinkles, right?

i love this view, the kids fresh out of the bath, watching a few minutes of a show before bed.

aren't these the only kind of bed bugs you want to have?

gianna went to a friend's birthday party and got her picture taken with elsa and some bubbles.

who says white boys can't jump?

roman needed to read, gianna needed a bath. let's kill two birds here, huh?

mimi bought gianna this pink dress and it literally took her 3.5 seconds to strip off her clothes and put it on. i think she likes it!

roman had to make a valentine's box for his party at school, so then he wanted to pose with it and his sister. yes, he wanted her in the picture, underpants and all!

every year, roman's school has a snow day. unfortunately, this year, i wasn't able to go, but our friend sherri sent me this picture. i love it!

after playing in the snow, they got to put on pajamas and have a valentine's party. so fun! sherri also sent me this picture and when i showed it to roman, he said "i was doing this with my eyebrows" *makes them go up and down* i was dying, because i can totally envision him doing that. when i told sherri that, she said "he's totally right, he was absolutely doing that...haha"

love that kid!

last friday, roman had a half day of school, so i picked him up and we had a date at dairy queen. i love spending time with him one on one. he is my sweet momma's boy, for sure!

the love fest continues, the kiddos got lots of sweet treats for valentine's day.

the boys got us girls flowers too, but i forgot to take a picture. we had a fun day with ballet, basketball, bounce houses and the movies. aunt maddy and dennis came to ro's game and to the bounce houses with us too. we were feeling the love!


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

First Haircut

so, she's 3 years and 3 months old. do you think it is time to cut the curls? ack! i was so stressed over this, way more so than she was. i really didn't want to do it, but her hair was getting SO long and tangly. i thought that maybe if i cut an inch or so off the ends, it might help a bit. plus, her curls are not really all over anymore, they are mostly at the bottom of her hair because it is so long now, it actually weighs it down. so, here goes!

she was actually excited. but, she thought the scissors were going to hurt. roman helped me out and reassured her that she didn't need to worry.

see? she was pumped!

i can't believe that for the first year of her life, she had no hair. now, she's got a ton of it!

i was just a bit sad...but, i cut some off, her curls are still there and nobody got hurt. i guess that's a win/win, right?


Monday, February 16, 2015

Cousin Day

a couple of weeks ago, we had the colella boys over for a cousin day. poppa, aj and holly were taking a class that ran all day long, so the kids and i had quite the adventure. first, we played at home for a bit until the sun started to warm it up outside. it was still a pretty chilly day, as evidenced by the hats and coats.

we went to the park for about 2 hours so the kids could run off some energy and get some fresh air!

snack time!

look who's monkeying around!

i tried to get gianna to get in this picture, but she wasn't having it, so the boys gave me their best smiles and then ran off to play hide and seek.

little momma wanted to swiiiiiiiinnnngggg!

later in the day, when i went to find the boys, this is what i found...

instead of breadcrumbs, they left me a trail of cars



later, after they had lunch and rested, we headed back outside to have some fun. gage doesn't mind riding a girly bike.

and these two are ballers, through and through. they played bball until the other adults finally came home!

now, this is a little more accurate, right?