Friday, September 27, 2013

Park It

 last weekend, we headed up to the park for a little bit so roman and toby could play a little football.  momma veto'd the decision to let him play football on a team, so he's playing soccer, but really has a true passion for football too.  toby keeps telling me how good he is.  and, it's true.  he can throw a spiral and catch it even when it is super high.  and he can catch while he is running.  he is just very naturally athletic.
 while the boys threw the football, gianna and momma hit the swings.  she didn't want to get out.  she just loved feeling the breeze!
 momma, push!
the next night, we took a walk, but gianna started to get cranky, so toby took her back home and roman and i kept going.  we found an open spot at the park and had a catch.  he taught me how to throw a spiral too.   i loved it.  having a catch with my boy.  when we got back home, he wanted poppa to throw it so i could see him catch it while he was running.  look at him go!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Little Story About Ice Cream

tonight, gianna got her very own ice cream cone at chickfila.

love these ice cream babies!

Beast Mode

this saturday was my first time seeing roman play soccer this year.  um, he's good.  real good.  not that i'm bragging or anything.  :)
 he is so serious in the goal

 he can punt for miles...
 and will attack the ball if it even comes close!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Straight Up!

gianna never even started growing hair until after her first birthday.  i remember thinking..."is this child ever going to have hair?" 
and started growing.  and growing.  and growing.  like a weed, i tell ya!  she actually looks like she has a mullet at times.  but it has always been super curly. cute, bouncy, lovely curls.   i love them so.  
however, i've been wondering lately what it would look like straight. 
so, after her bath last night, i blow dried it straight.  it's still not completely straight.  but it looks SO different than curly. 
 i texted a picture to mom and she said "it doesn't even look like gianna".  roman asked me what her text said and i repeated it.  then he said, "yes, she ALWAYS looks like gianna. even with straight hair"  i guess he doesn't quite understand the exaggeration concept there, yet.  hee hee
i'm sure we won't be doing this too often, but it was fun to see it like that for a little while.  
when she woke up this morning, it had gone back to curly a little bit more on the ends.  i guess she is just meant to be my curly sue!!!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Celebrating Six!!!

for six years, we have been blessed to call this amazing little boy our son.  
from the moment he was conceived, i have felt a love like no other.  anyone who knows him, knows how special he is.  he truly has a kind heart, he is smart and funny and pretty darn cute if i do say so myself.  i hope he stays a momma's boy forever.  a momma can dream, right?
he started celebrating early...mommom sent him a couple packages and he was pumped to get into them!
 she sent a couple of "projects" for him to do.  and the card had a paper airplane too!
 we celebrated poppa's birthday with a candle in his scrambled eggs.  fancy, huh?
 roman woke up super early on his birthday... 6:30am.  and we were all done opening presents before 7am.  oh dear!
 we even started playing with the beyblades right in his bedroom doorway.  
 gianna was doing a quality assurance test on the cupcakes.  
 um, super cute, huh?
 roman had a blast putting together the goodie bags for his friends.  each one had a couple fun things in them, including a bracelet for each person with colors picked out specifically for that person by roman.  
 gianna was helping me set up outside. 
 the fire truck arrived and the kids got to playing right away.
 oh no!  her water balloon broke.  she had never had one before and had no idea it wouldn't bounce.  i guess you live and learn...
 the sno cone machine was a hit!
 roman and his buddies, logan and anthony
 ...oh, and carson too!
 isn't mady pretty?  such a cutie pie.  so glad that she and roman are friends. 
 rylee and gianna picked purple sno cones
 roman wanted another soccer cake this year.  easy enough, done!

roman cracks me up when he is the complete center of attention.  it's like he likes it, but doesn't know what to do.  he looks like he is on the verge of tears, but he is happy, i promise!
 we finally finished up our celebrations today at roman's classroom.  we brought cookies for him to share with all his kindergarten friends.  and here again, the awkward singing...
and he picked pink cookies.  and he asked for a pink crown.  and it was favorite t-shirt day.  pretty much the best school day ever.  love it.  and love this little six year old.   more than any words i could say here.  
 we had two cookies left the birthday boy and i finished them off tonight...yum!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

September is Here!

hey hey ya'll! september is here! that means we have a busy month ahead of us. good busy, though...lots of birthdays and celebrations and of course back to school routines are under way. 

speaking of back to school...roman's school, st. gregory the great, held a chickfila spirit night where a part of the proceeds go to his school, so you know we hit it up with the rest of the sgg crew.  it was packed! roman got to see a lot of his friends and we sat with aubrey and her mom and sister too.  roman loved sitting next to aubrey, she is his little buddy!

after dinner, roman and aubrey got ice cream cones and roman was so sweet.  he kept giving gianna a lick here and there, but she wanted more.  so, he ended up giving her the very last bit of it.  you would have thought that you had given her a pony.  she was so happy.  see her little ice cream stump?  ha ha.  
while poppa was at the gym and roman was napping, the colella girls got a little silly!
we have jumped on the rainbow loom bandwagon!  for those of you that don't know, it is the latest craze with the kids.  it is a kit you can buy at michaels.  you get a plastic loom and hook and a pack of rubberbands.  you can buy more rubberbands in lots of colors.  then you can find all kinds of patterns on youtube to make different kinds of bracelets or a necklace or ring.  right now, our evenings are filled with bracelet making for all the kids coming to roman's birthday party this weekend.  he wants each friend to have their own bracelet with special colors that he picks out.  i love that he is so thoughtful like that.  i'm thinking that we will finish up the goodie bags tonight...thank goodness!  i'm starting to feel like i work in a little rubberband bracelet sweatshop at night!  haha
on sunday, the kids were looking so cute for church and we were actually a little early, so i tried to get some good pics on the front porch.  roman wouldn't sit on the step because facing this way makes the sun in his eyes (i swear he has the most sensitive eyes...must be because they are so blue!), so all i got was this little stankface!
then, roman squatted down to be on gianna's level and she squatted down too.  i told him to stand up straight because i could fit them both in the picture, but they both decided it was more fun to just squat.  and then, toby just decided to water the flowers.  i feel like i have three kids sometimes.  can't a mom just get a good picture? 
well, i guess this is as good as it gets.  roman is trying not to laugh and i guess it really is hard to get them both in the picture.  i guess i owe roman an apology!
since we are having roman's party at our house, toby was pressure washing the back patio.  isn't it funny how kids think that the things we think are chores are really fun?  i guess he was making his own patio art...
and here we have our newest child laborer in action...