Friday, September 27, 2013

Park It

 last weekend, we headed up to the park for a little bit so roman and toby could play a little football.  momma veto'd the decision to let him play football on a team, so he's playing soccer, but really has a true passion for football too.  toby keeps telling me how good he is.  and, it's true.  he can throw a spiral and catch it even when it is super high.  and he can catch while he is running.  he is just very naturally athletic.
 while the boys threw the football, gianna and momma hit the swings.  she didn't want to get out.  she just loved feeling the breeze!
 momma, push!
the next night, we took a walk, but gianna started to get cranky, so toby took her back home and roman and i kept going.  we found an open spot at the park and had a catch.  he taught me how to throw a spiral too.   i loved it.  having a catch with my boy.  when we got back home, he wanted poppa to throw it so i could see him catch it while he was running.  look at him go!

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allie1126 said...

i can't believe how good Roman is at football. I tried to tell Jason and then I made him watch the video but didn't seem to work so next time we see you I need Roman to show Jason all his football skills =)