Friday, September 13, 2013

Straight Up!

gianna never even started growing hair until after her first birthday.  i remember thinking..."is this child ever going to have hair?" 
and started growing.  and growing.  and growing.  like a weed, i tell ya!  she actually looks like she has a mullet at times.  but it has always been super curly. cute, bouncy, lovely curls.   i love them so.  
however, i've been wondering lately what it would look like straight. 
so, after her bath last night, i blow dried it straight.  it's still not completely straight.  but it looks SO different than curly. 
 i texted a picture to mom and she said "it doesn't even look like gianna".  roman asked me what her text said and i repeated it.  then he said, "yes, she ALWAYS looks like gianna. even with straight hair"  i guess he doesn't quite understand the exaggeration concept there, yet.  hee hee
i'm sure we won't be doing this too often, but it was fun to see it like that for a little while.  
when she woke up this morning, it had gone back to curly a little bit more on the ends.  i guess she is just meant to be my curly sue!!!

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