Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Fun in the Sun

one weekend before school started, gianna said she wanted to have her friends over to go to the pool.  so we invited a few girls from her class to hang with us for lunch and some fun in the sun.  

look at these sweeties...lucy, emma, gianna and eleanor

lunch break!

roman had carson over too and they had a blast!

i feel like these girls are model material, right?

silly faces!

amazingly enough, they played so well together, no fighting or jealousy or anything.  love them!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

First Day

the day has finally come!  both of the colella kiddos are in school! 

their bookbags were packed and hung by the front door with hopes that the carpool soon would be there. (haha, just kidding...we drive them)

i don't know if i can take it...i have a 3rd grader and a pre-kindergartener.  ack!

here's proof that they actually do like each other.  sometimes. 

gosh, do you ever remember being this excited for school?

my super tall boy.  what happened? 

see?  he's only got another foot and he's got me.  of course, i always tell him that he isn't accomplishing much by being taller than me.  that's easy.  i'm 5'2". 

this sweet thing was bouncing off the walls excited for her first day.


we're finally here!

gianna found eleanor in the parking lot and they walked in together.

i love how gianna is looking at her teacher, mrs. kelley. 

the 3 amigos...hopefully, they stay sweet like this all year.  

meanwhile, down the hall...these 3 amigos were happy to be back together.  i mean, its been about 3 weeks since they've finished baseball and we've probably seen them 3-4 times since then.  inseparable. 

his first "job" of 3rd grade is being the "caboose", so he was the last one out the door.

this year, the 3rd grade actually moved back into the classroom that they were in for 1st grade.  his new teacher doesn't even know this, but i think she put him in the same exact seat he sat in when he started first grade!

i'm so happy they are together at the same school this year. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Last Hurrah

we've been going non-stop all summer and we still had some time to cram in some fun before school started, so we took full advantage!

friday night, we met up with gracie and eleanor, both of who will be in gianna's pre-k class.  they didn't know each other yet, and we thought it would be fun to introduce them ahead of time so they had a familiar face once the first day of school arrived.  as you can see, they were fast friends! 

grandpa and grandma hung out with us on saturday.  when grandpa is around, who needs a jungle gym?

on sunday afternoon, gianna's buddy lucy invited her to their pool for a final goodbye before gianna headed to school.  we sure are going to miss our lucy goosey!  she was sad when we went to leave and i just love her face progressing from grumpy to "i can't contain my smile"...silly girl!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Last Day at AC

you guys.  8 years, 9 months, 1 week.  that's how long i've been driving to amazing creations every day to drop 1 or both of my children off for the day.  from 8 weeks old (both of them), they have been in the care of the best daycare facility i could ever ask for. so, when i dropped them off for their final day, let's just say there were tears.  both at drop off and at pick up. the owners are a mom/daughter team and they have just been the absolute sweetest for so long.  i cried with the daughter in the morning and with the mom in the evening.  i told them that i think my car just drives itself there every day without any assistance from me.  we are going to miss them so much this year! 

this is miss kristy, one of gianna's favorite teachers. 
roman, hanging with his camp buddies. 

Friday, August 19, 2016

GG down South!

speaking of visitors...look who came to visit us!  we loved getting to hang out with gg, even if it was for a short time. 

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Aunt Maddy's Here!

aunt maddy came down to sc for almost a whole month!  and we've gotten to spend some fun times with her.  she's been taking the kids to the pool to have some swim lessons.  they've loved that so much and she's already taught them a ton in such a short time!  aunt maddy, can you stay forever?

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Mama, I'm Coming Home...

once baseball was finally over, we were able to head up north to spend a little time with our family!

we took the chesapeake bay bridge and tunnel this time to avoid the beach traffic and it always makes me nervous.  it's so long and the fact that you are going under the water is a little unnerving.  at one point while we were in a tunnel, we asked the kids if they knew we were under water.  gianna's face looked so surprised, so i told her to hold her breath.  which she did.  when we told her we were kidding, she started to cry.  poor thing hates being made fun of!

here we go, hold your breath!

you know we had to hit up wawa every day we were there!

me and ro having some fun in the backseat with the windows down!

my sweet boy noticed that my hair was in my face and gave me his hat to keep it under control.  he's too kind!

gianna thinks that ady is still a baby and she wants to carry the babies.  all the babies.  all the time. 

pool time at nana's!

gianna was super brave and kept going down the slide by herself!

roman got even more brave and went down headfirst!

then, they headed down to the pond to feed the fish...i think roman would love living on a farm!

he looks pretty comfortable driving this around. 

the girls and nana throwing some bread at the fishies

i love this picture.  ady's face is priceless and lilah has the sweetest smile. 

gianna headed to the swings and asked uncle gene if he would push her. 

then, ady made her way over and he pushed them both for a little while...

the next day, we headed off to see the phillies play.

my boys!

don't forget momma!

they parked themselves here until the game started. 

one of the players even threw roman this ball from the field!

he got a good peek at the dugout where his favorite players hang out.

this is one of the pitchers, jerad eickhoff i think, that roman got a signature from.  so cool!
 and then, his favorite pitcher, aaron nola...whoop whoop!

roman even made it on the jumbotron...see him all the way on the left?

it was hot, but we had a blast!

even though he's a yankees fan, uncle josh came with us to have some fun because as he says "never a bad day at any ball park.  even if it's the phillies." 

the phanatic is always fun to watch.

aunt colleen came too!

these are two happy boys!

the next night, the boys got to go to another phillies game with poppop wayne, but the girls stayed home.  gianna loved going to check on the chickens with mommom and even got to bring back some eggs. 

if one flower in your hair is beautiful, then how about 4?

my little john deere farmer girl

lilah doesn't love to have her picture taken, so this was the best we got!  love these sweet little cousins. 

a little sweet, and a whole lotta sassy!
meanwhile, back in philly...

high phive!

time to head home...we picked up an extra kid!  ariah was headed down to spend some time with her dad, so she rode with us.  this is the beginning of the trip.  kids nicely watching a movie together.  
and this was the end.  crazy kiddos ready to get out of the car!  notice ariah's wardrobe change. just a little red icee incident.  nothing to worry about!  happy to be home!