Thursday, August 4, 2016

Mama, I'm Coming Home...

once baseball was finally over, we were able to head up north to spend a little time with our family!

we took the chesapeake bay bridge and tunnel this time to avoid the beach traffic and it always makes me nervous.  it's so long and the fact that you are going under the water is a little unnerving.  at one point while we were in a tunnel, we asked the kids if they knew we were under water.  gianna's face looked so surprised, so i told her to hold her breath.  which she did.  when we told her we were kidding, she started to cry.  poor thing hates being made fun of!

here we go, hold your breath!

you know we had to hit up wawa every day we were there!

me and ro having some fun in the backseat with the windows down!

my sweet boy noticed that my hair was in my face and gave me his hat to keep it under control.  he's too kind!

gianna thinks that ady is still a baby and she wants to carry the babies.  all the babies.  all the time. 

pool time at nana's!

gianna was super brave and kept going down the slide by herself!

roman got even more brave and went down headfirst!

then, they headed down to the pond to feed the fish...i think roman would love living on a farm!

he looks pretty comfortable driving this around. 

the girls and nana throwing some bread at the fishies

i love this picture.  ady's face is priceless and lilah has the sweetest smile. 

gianna headed to the swings and asked uncle gene if he would push her. 

then, ady made her way over and he pushed them both for a little while...

the next day, we headed off to see the phillies play.

my boys!

don't forget momma!

they parked themselves here until the game started. 

one of the players even threw roman this ball from the field!

he got a good peek at the dugout where his favorite players hang out.

this is one of the pitchers, jerad eickhoff i think, that roman got a signature from.  so cool!
 and then, his favorite pitcher, aaron nola...whoop whoop!

roman even made it on the jumbotron...see him all the way on the left?

it was hot, but we had a blast!

even though he's a yankees fan, uncle josh came with us to have some fun because as he says "never a bad day at any ball park.  even if it's the phillies." 

the phanatic is always fun to watch.

aunt colleen came too!

these are two happy boys!

the next night, the boys got to go to another phillies game with poppop wayne, but the girls stayed home.  gianna loved going to check on the chickens with mommom and even got to bring back some eggs. 

if one flower in your hair is beautiful, then how about 4?

my little john deere farmer girl

lilah doesn't love to have her picture taken, so this was the best we got!  love these sweet little cousins. 

a little sweet, and a whole lotta sassy!
meanwhile, back in philly...

high phive!

time to head home...we picked up an extra kid!  ariah was headed down to spend some time with her dad, so she rode with us.  this is the beginning of the trip.  kids nicely watching a movie together.  
and this was the end.  crazy kiddos ready to get out of the car!  notice ariah's wardrobe change. just a little red icee incident.  nothing to worry about!  happy to be home!

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