Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Last Hurrah

we've been going non-stop all summer and we still had some time to cram in some fun before school started, so we took full advantage!

friday night, we met up with gracie and eleanor, both of who will be in gianna's pre-k class.  they didn't know each other yet, and we thought it would be fun to introduce them ahead of time so they had a familiar face once the first day of school arrived.  as you can see, they were fast friends! 

grandpa and grandma hung out with us on saturday.  when grandpa is around, who needs a jungle gym?

on sunday afternoon, gianna's buddy lucy invited her to their pool for a final goodbye before gianna headed to school.  we sure are going to miss our lucy goosey!  she was sad when we went to leave and i just love her face progressing from grumpy to "i can't contain my smile"...silly girl!

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