Thursday, August 25, 2016

First Day

the day has finally come!  both of the colella kiddos are in school! 

their bookbags were packed and hung by the front door with hopes that the carpool soon would be there. (haha, just kidding...we drive them)

i don't know if i can take it...i have a 3rd grader and a pre-kindergartener.  ack!

here's proof that they actually do like each other.  sometimes. 

gosh, do you ever remember being this excited for school?

my super tall boy.  what happened? 

see?  he's only got another foot and he's got me.  of course, i always tell him that he isn't accomplishing much by being taller than me.  that's easy.  i'm 5'2". 

this sweet thing was bouncing off the walls excited for her first day.


we're finally here!

gianna found eleanor in the parking lot and they walked in together.

i love how gianna is looking at her teacher, mrs. kelley. 

the 3 amigos...hopefully, they stay sweet like this all year.  

meanwhile, down the hall...these 3 amigos were happy to be back together.  i mean, its been about 3 weeks since they've finished baseball and we've probably seen them 3-4 times since then.  inseparable. 

his first "job" of 3rd grade is being the "caboose", so he was the last one out the door.

this year, the 3rd grade actually moved back into the classroom that they were in for 1st grade.  his new teacher doesn't even know this, but i think she put him in the same exact seat he sat in when he started first grade!

i'm so happy they are together at the same school this year. 

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