Saturday, April 23, 2016

Easter 2016

Easter came up on us pretty quick this year and I can't say I was totally prepared.  As in, I had not bought eggs or dye.  Whoops.  Well, the bunny came anyway, even though I wasn't ready! 
Don't you love this expression? It's her "can we get this show on the road?" look. 
Oh boy...the bunny came! 
Going through their loot.
The bunny is so smart, bringing books for Roman.  He's flying through all of them these days.  
Bunny bubbles for G!
They even got to hunt for eggs all around the house. 
And then church with these ridiculously cute kids. 
Where did these tall skinny kids come from?
We ended up coloring eggs after a much deserved nap for everyone.  I guess I'm learning that it's ok to procrastinate a little. 

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Just livin' life

so, looky who learned how to tie her shoes! and she didn't even own a pair with shoelaces.  so, off we went to target to find some cute ones.  polka dots for the win! the same week, she learned how to snap.  to be honest...she might have learned this first.  but, they both happened so quickly, i can't remember. 

now, she says..."what should i learn next...whistling or winking?"  my vote is for laundry. 

we have a drive-in movie theater about 40 minutes from us and we have never been.  so when we were invited by gianna's friend, lucy, to go check it out...we jumped.  they had a blast, and it was a fun experience.  i'm sure we will go again!

i love catching them together like this.  somedays they are thick as thieves and i like to capture those moments when i can.
sometimes gianna wants to be in the bathroom when i am getting ready and she likes to sit right behind me, which can end up with me stepping on her accidentally.  so, on this day...we improvised. 

i told gracie that i loved her cherry sunglasses and so gianna had to grab hers too and of course, made some silly faces!  these girls share the same birthday and will be in pre-k together this upcoming year.  so fun!

we celebrated st. patrick's day with green pancakes for dinner.  and then i sent the kids upstairs so i could make them a special treat.  they came back down to these homemade shamrock shakes and they were a hit!  gianna wouldn't even look at me for the picture and roman's was already half gone!  i love doing fun stuff like that sometimes.  so fun.