Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Basketball 2016

before we get too far into baseball season, i wanted to post some videos of roman's basketball season.  his team was really good and i had a lot of fun watching them play.  you will notice that all of these are videos and not pictures.  basketball is really hard to capture on a picture.  they are always moving!  so, most of the time, i would record as much as i could and then the boys would review the "game tape" later at home.  roman even got chosen to be on the all-star team, so you will see his jersey change colors in the last videos to red/white instead of the normal season's black/grey.  they didn't win the whole thing, but they sure did hang tough with some really great players.  i'm so proud of him.   i know it was fun for roman to look back on all of these highlights, so i hope you enjoy them too!

Monday, March 14, 2016

My Girl

with all of the sports practices, scrimmages and games that are on the schedule every week, i end up spending a lot of time alone with gianna.  me and my girl.  no complaints, here.  but i do miss the boys!  

one day we went to the park and enjoyed the nice weather. 
swings are her absolute favorite!

one sunday afternoon, we spend a while playing games.  she loves games like connect 4 and memory. 

and more recently, as our living room was torn apart and no tv hanging on the wall, she found herself a basket and got in it.  "momma, look at me!" 

i love my girl and all of our time together!

Friday, March 11, 2016

What Could Be Better?

baseball season is officially here and we are living at the fields.  which is not that bad, considering they are in our neighborhood.  they had a jamboree last week and when the boys got done their scrimmage, they were able to enjoy some kona ice.  

holly said, "baseball and snow cones, what could be better?" 

roman said, "winning 6-4"

that boy is a colella, through and through...all about the win!

gianna got to enjoy some kona ice while the boys were on the field. 
what flavor do you think she had? 
oh, these two...