Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Basketball 2016

before we get too far into baseball season, i wanted to post some videos of roman's basketball season.  his team was really good and i had a lot of fun watching them play.  you will notice that all of these are videos and not pictures.  basketball is really hard to capture on a picture.  they are always moving!  so, most of the time, i would record as much as i could and then the boys would review the "game tape" later at home.  roman even got chosen to be on the all-star team, so you will see his jersey change colors in the last videos to red/white instead of the normal season's black/grey.  they didn't win the whole thing, but they sure did hang tough with some really great players.  i'm so proud of him.   i know it was fun for roman to look back on all of these highlights, so i hope you enjoy them too!

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