Thursday, December 14, 2017

Santa Comes to Town

we love our little town so much!  last friday evening, they lit the tree at a park in downtown bluffton.  and we drove our golf cart down to grab some dinner and then go look at the tree. we knew that santa was going to be there, but we thought he would be super busy.  but, when we got there, he was almost finished talking to everyone and we were able to chat with him with very little wait. 

gianna couldn't wait to jump up on his lap and tell him her biggest wish!

roman was afraid he would "break Santa's thigh", so he stood next to him. 

and the tree!  look how pretty! 

these two make Christmastime SO much fun!

Monday, December 11, 2017

PC @ Duke

it doesn't happen often that you get to see your family member play basketball at cameron indoor stadium!

so, when toby saw that macee's team, the blue hose, would be playing at Duke, he made sure it was on the calendar.  we were gonna be at that game!

it was right after Thanksgiving, so Maddy drove up too...

see! photographic evidence that at one point, PC was beating the Blue Devils.😀

macee got some playing time and we had a blast watching her play.

the kiddos even got a pic with the blue devil (whose blue is it anyway?)

we love our macee!

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Chilly Nights

so, yes. we live in south carolina.  but, i promise, it does get chilly from time to time.  

we had a cold snap a few weeks ago and i was never more grateful for my new blardigan (blanket/cardigan) that i got from target.  i just wrapped that puppy right up over my face and was as cozy as i could be.

i made myself a mug of hot tea....

and found my fuzzy slippers!

somebody else found her fuzzy slippers too.  we had a movie night in my bed while the boys were out. 

we are so fancy!!

Friday, December 1, 2017

Six is Sweet

this year for gianna's birthday, we decided to take a girls' trip instead of having a party! 

we hit the road on a friday afternoon, after celebrating at home with the boys, and with mimi and aunt maddy at school. 

after getting the little girls settled in bed for the night, colleen and i headed outside in our pajamas to gather the party supplies from the car! 

we filled balloons and set out the presents.

someone was super happy in the morning to wake up to a fun surprise😍

on her special day, we took the girls to build a bear to pick out an animal and an fun!

that evening, we celebrated in the hotel with cupcakes😊

and after a long day of fun, my little six year old was lights out!

i love all these girls, from the ones who raised me, to the ones standing beside me as we raise our daughters, down to the little ladies who are growing before our eyes...i'm so blessed to have such great girls in my life!

Monday, November 20, 2017

Down by the River

when Mimi was here visiting, we went down to the river at sunset and did a little exploring...

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Halloween 2017

it's Halloween already?  seems like yesterday was the first day of school!  

we started celebrating a little early with trunk or treat at the school on friday night.  

roman was a scary-crow, and gianna was a unicorn. 

but, before we did that...we had to decorate our pumpkins! 

i'm happy to say we did NO carving this year...just a little creative paint and accessories...

at the trunk or treat festivities, it was SO fun to see lots of school friends

crazy eyes colella strikes again!

the kids also got to dress up for their school parade.  gianna quickly transitioned from unicorn to mermaid. 

and, roman became a not-so-scary-crow.

my beautiful mermaid!

a scarecrow among football players

for the main event (halloween night), our scarycrow and mermaid (complete with purple hair) were ready for some action.  roman stays behind at the house and hands out tricks, while gianna goes out to find some treats! don't worry...she shares her bounty with her brother.

getting into character

we found our friend, adeline, as a beautiful fairy ballerina. 

we went and picked up rylee to hang with us for the night!

these two😍

after a successful evening of tricks and treats, our tradition of porch pictures with mady and ella continues on...

i ain't afraid of no ghost!!

seeing my babies looking so grown made me a little nostalgic for when they were still my babies and so i took a little walk down memory lane and i can't believe how much they have grown.  it's only been a minute since i had littles...where did they go? 
...'til next year...