Friday, September 22, 2017

Kindergarten & Fourth

here we go again!  how can it be that i have a fourth grader?  and, gianna is in her second year of school.  i'm just wondering where the time goes?  see my bear waving?  

of course, we had to get a silly pic!

yes, roman is really that tall.  he always jokes that he is going to be taller than me soon.  however, the joke is on him because i'm not that tall.  it really isn't a big accomplishment to be taller than 5'2", is it?

an annual tradition for the bigger kids is the running of the halls.  did you doubt that roman would be up front?  πŸ˜‚

before their actual first day...we went in to the school to familiarize them with their classrooms and drop off their supplies.  roman was pretty pumped that he is number 1 this year.  he has always been number 2 (insert poop joke here) and when his friend, brendan bruen, left last year, he thought he would get bumped up.  but, they got a new student, lacey (last name begins with b) and she took the top spot.  well, her family has since moved and now, FINALLY, he is #1!!!

4th grade is gonna be fun!

gianna got to see her friend, eleanor, and they were so excited to be back together again!

her desk is closest to the teacher's desk and i'm not sure if that is a good or bad thing.  😁

later that day, we got to experience the solar eclipse.  unfortunately, it was a super cloudy day and we couldn't see it until much later when the clouds broke for a bit. 

by then, this was what we could see.   it's still kinda cool. 

a tradition that we have had for a few years now is going to our friends' pool in the afternoon on the first day of school (they always have a half day).  so, here we are...having a blast, bringing in the school year on the right foot!

how are these boys big enough to play chicken?  ugh...time is flying!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

First Visit from the Tooth Fairy

gianna lost her first tooth!  that thing was hanging on by a thread for a while and so i may or may not have just pulled it out so she wouldn't swallow it by accident.

i think the tooth fairy won the lottery or something!?!

my beautiful blue lipped snaggletooth! 

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Delaware Comes to Town

right before school started back up for our kiddos, we had some visitors from delaware.  toby's sister, shannon, brought her family down to hang out at mimi and popo's new house.  they let our kiddos hang out with them all week and they got to do some fun stuff like go fishing and on a dolphin tour, and to the beach!

mimi and popo and their grandbabies

mimi made the kids sno cones EVERY night!

once they left, our kiddos had another full week with mimi before school started and we were so happy to spend time with her.  right before she left, they took her to lunch at the boathouse and we all had a fun time. 

bye mimi and koda...we'll see you soon!

Monday, August 21, 2017

Giving Back

we have always tried our best to teach our children to be kind to others.  and, we are so very thankful to provide our kids with what they need and so much more.  but, in reality, we know that in our community and even in our own neighborhood, there are kids that are less fortunate than us.  this year, we asked for help from our friends too.  

we started with a thirty-one special on lunch thermals that allowed us to purchase them at a reduced rate.  and we asked our friends to sponsor them for $20 each.  that paid for the lunch bag and a little extra for shipping and tax.  i also donated my commission on the bags to buy the school supplies to fill them up.  in the end, we had maybe $1-2 per bag (from the donations) to fill them up.  

my goal was 40 bags and we got about half of those sponsored!  the others were covered by us.  it really makes me feel good to be able to do this for some children in need right here in beaufort county.  

we split up the donations and took 20 bags to family promise of beaufort county and the other 20 went to bluffton self help.  the kids helped me deliver them and got to experience a little bit of pride in doing for others!  

stay tuned for next year...i'd love to do something similar againπŸ’“

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

2017 10U State Tournament

WARNING!!! there are tons of pictures in this post and i will be bragging about my kid and his team.
if those 2 things don't offend you, please proceed!

after roman's team won the district championship, it was time to head to the state tournament.  this year, it was held in hartsville, sc.  we stayed in nearby florence, sc. 

lucky for us, the opening ceremonies were held inside an air conditioned gym at coker college. whew!

gianna and charlie enjoyed sitting up high and watching the boys down below.

here are our boys entering the gym during the parade of teams.

the hilton head ozone team was also there representing our district, so the boys made sure to high five them as they were introduced. 

we kept telling the boys how proud we were that they made it this far and how big a deal it is to go to the state tournament, so this sign was a nice reminder when we got there!

this was toby's reaction when our friend christy asked him if he was excited...πŸ˜‚

i love how roman communicates with his team...2 down, guys!

the boys didn't make it easy on us, they went into extra innings that first game, but pulled out the win against sumter, 4-3.

time to have some fun at the pool.

on sunday, we were scheduled to play at 5p, but we had some bad weather that day, so when the boys got ready, we found out our games were delayed, so they came into our room to play a little playstation.

then, they headed to a local batting cage to loosen up.  in the end, they didn't get to play on sunday at all.

but, come monday, we were scheduled to play at 3p and 9p to make up for the day before. 

these boys!πŸ˜†

we played hard and kept up with union for the whole game until they finally hit a grand slam HR and we lost.  the boys kept their heads high and we went to grab some food and wait for our 9pm game. 

someone was happy to get a state tournament t-shirt and a sno-cone. 

while we waited, we cheered on the hilton head boys. 

i took pictures of the night game, but for some silly reason, hit the wrong button and deleted them all.  this is all i have from that game.  we played summerville parks and won, 14-8. 

the next day, tuesday, we were matched up with union again.  since they had beaten us the day before, we didn't know what to expect, other than we knew our boys were capable of winning.  they had hung with them the day before and we knew they could do it. 

gianna was just happy to have some girls to hang with...

this guy wasn't nervous at as a cucumber😁

to start the game off, roman hit a home run over the fence!  to say we were excited would be a complete understatement.  we were over the moon happy for him.  he has been working so hard all season and to see this happen for him in the state tournament was a dream come true.  proud doesn't truly describe how we felt in this moment. 

and then this happened. we were tied up 5-5.  roman hits a single.  then, jackson gets up to bat and they walk him.  so, roman's on second, and jackson's on first.  miles steps up and has a fire in him to get back at the team that hit a grand slam off his pitching the day before.  so, he slams it out to center field and the center fielder reaches up to catch it, but it tips off his glove and bounces outside the fence for a walk-off 3 run homer!  we win!!!  i mean, it was just so incredible to watch. 

these little sisters were so proud of their brothers for hitting home runs, they were on the field to celebrate!

after the game, they presented roman with his home run ball.  so amazing!

and here are the HR boys!  i joked that they made a HR sandwich out of that to start it off and one to finish it.  i'm so incredibly proud of them.  this was the first over the fence HR for each of them, and i promise you, they will never forget it!

the next night, wednesday, we were on the field again, at 7:30 (due to a 2 hour rain delay) to play midland. 

it was incredibly hot and the sun was in our eyes until this happened.  that huge cloud was good for something...

the boys played well, and kept the score close again (they like giving us heart palpitations, i think). 

isn't she the cutest baseball sister you've ever seen?

the game was tied 2-2, until we finally got a run in on a passed ball.  seriously, base running was our saving grace during this tournament!

so, now we are up 3-2 and all we have to do is hold them.  we've got 2 outs and the tying runner on first.  their batter steps up and hits a fly ball to right field...we are holding our breath and then colton saves the day!  the entire outfield was mud, but he makes a catch while he is falling back, does a backwards roll and comes up with the ball.  you cannot make this stuff up!  

we are headed to the championship game!!!

10am game on thursday and we are ready to do this.  we are up against hartsville northern and we have to beat them twice to win.

in the end, we ran out of gas and did not win, but dang...did they do amazing or what? 

2nd in the state?  oh yes, we will take that!

i'm so incredibly grateful to have been a part of this experience, with these boys, with these families.  it was such an honor to watch them play their hearts out.  they took us further than we could have ever imagined and made their parents, families, friends and community incredibly proud of them. 

that sure is a BIG trophy!!

roman would not be the ball player that he is today with this guy right here.  he spends HOURS upon HOURS with him, practicing, guiding, and encouraging him.  thanks, coach poppa!πŸ†

and little sister is super proud of you too!
 that's a wrap...until next year!😊