Wednesday, May 31, 2017

So Glad They are Mine

i just adore these two.  yes, they fight.  a lot.  but, most of the time, i can hear them playing nicely together and encouraging one another.  and it makes me so happy.  this picture was taken without them knowing, without me prompting them to hold hands or smile.  and it shows me how much love they have for each other. 

of course, i love it when they pose too. πŸ’Ÿ

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Tournament Champs {10U}

roman's 10U travel team went to a tournament a few weeks ago that i really enjoyed.  first off, this red team that we played prayed with all of their opponents after every game and i love that.

the boys haven't played machine pitch since last year, so it was a good opportunity to play a faster pace game, which made it interesting. 


and they got some sweet gold rings.  woo hoo!

Monday, May 29, 2017

Pool Time

for our first time at the pool this year, we met up with our good friends, miss allie and her sweet kiddos, adeline and wyatt.  it was fun just hanging out with them and cooling off. 

my silly boy wearing gianna's floaty

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Baseball Youth in Myrtle Beach

for Easter this year, we decided to attend a baseball showcase in myrtle beach, sc.  our friends, jeff and marsha and their son, jake were going too, so we figured it would be a fun way to spend the weekend.  

we have never attended a showcase before, so it was new to all of us.  it was WAY different than the tournaments we are used to, but, i enjoyed myself and i think the boys did too.  

when they first arrive on friday evening, they got split into 3 teams per age group and each group got a different color tee shirt.   they got their picture taken for the website ...  woo hoo, he's legit!

i guess this is his serious ball player face?  and yes, she is rocking some goggles.  what can i say?  when you tell her there is a hotel pool, girlfriend gets prepared!

nice family shot.

then we went and checked in to the hotel, which was overlooking a bunch of fun carnival rides, restaurants and shops.  

then, back to the fields to meet up with jake, and woohoo, they were on the same team!

the whole silver team

gianna was excited too because the concession stand had dippin' dots.  i mean, a pool and ice cream?  yes, she's happy!

little monkey fence climber

the boys went through a bunch of drills so they could have their stats recorded for the website.  40 yard dash, high jump, long jump, batting speed, throwing speed, etc...

FINALLY!  we hung back the next morning while the boys went to practice so she could swim for a bit. 

we went to wahlburgers for lunch and it was DELICIOUS!  of course, gianna hung out with mr. jeff.  she's kinda sweet on him. πŸ’—

these goofy boys...

so, i needed to document this moment.  toby and jeff sitting BEHIND the fence.  they are used to being on the field with the boys and they didn't know what to do with themselves.  i called them fence huggers because they would stand as close to the fence as they could, they had a hard time sitting in the chairs and enjoying themselves.  toby was extremely quiet, which, for anyone who has seen him coach knows that is an anomaly.  it was weird, y'all. 

roman and jake both played really well.  they had a chance to try new positions each inning.  the coaches didn't really push to win, they were really just watching the boys, observing their skills.  they didn't keep score.  i know the dads did, though.  πŸ˜‚

here are a few videos of roman's hitting.

he did really well, and ended up getting a ticket to the home run derby that night.  he was the smallest one out there, and i'm really proud of him for what he was able to do. 

he didn't get too many over the fence, but he tried his best and i can't ask for more than that.  it was an honor to be invited!  also, how tiring is that to keep swinging that bat like that?

he also played catcher a few times and did really well in that spot too. 

little sister was SO good, but she was getting sleepy, so we set up a bed under the chairs in the shade.

and she got to snuggle with poppa during a game.   that never happens!

and, she found stuff to do to keep herself busy. 

keeping busy = eating. 

that night, we headed back to the hotel and met up with the lewis' to hit up the carnival rides. 

why did i get voted to ride the spinny ride?

look at these jokers!

the big boys and all the kids went on a speedboat ride, while the mamas chose to hang back.  we value our life, i guess.😁

gianna wasn't tall enough to ride her favorite caterpillar ride, so she settled for a relaxing boat ride. 

Easter Sunday.  on the fields again. 

look what the Easter Bunny brought for G! 

all this excitement had her pooped out and she napped off and on on my lap most of the morning. 

roman was really impressed with this coach, sutton whiting. 

our boys rocked this showcase!

our little owlette was the cutie of the day!

shortly after we returned home from the showcase, we started to get some of roman's stats, which we think are pretty awesome for a 9 year old! 

but then...we got THIS! an invitation to participate in the BY ALL-AMERICAN Games this summer!  we are so proud of him and all his hard work!