Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Fall Travel Begins

we had a little break after the state tournament (1 day) and then the travel team started practicing for fall tournaments.  well, a couple months in, and here we go again.  roman was excited before their first tournament with their new uniforms...he made his "extra player" the night before. ๐Ÿ˜‚

for some reason, gianna wasn't feeling too good that day.  she had no fever or anything, but was in general, just moody and crying over everything, so we tried a quick nap. 

i moved her over to the wagon, but she woke up right away and couldn't stop giggling

  after that, she seemed fine and played with charlie for the rest of the time.


ro started out behind the plate

on the second day, charlie wasn't there, but adeline was, so she got to play again.  score!

they played well enough to make it to the championship game, but had to wait to see who they would play.

roman got his turn on the mound

don't you dare try to steal on my boy!

they didn't pull out the W, but second place works for us!

i'm proud of these boys and how hard they've worked the past couple of months

i'm especially proud of #8!

Friday, October 6, 2017

But Did You Die?

we have some pretty awesome friends.  friends that invited us out on their boat for a nice cruise to wherever we wanted to go.  we all decided that since there was a chance of spotty thunderstorms (that is always the norm down here in the summer), we should stick fairly close instead of heading to savannah.  so, we decided that daufuskie island was a good choice.  nice place to eat and explore a bit.  

the boys bellied up to the bar.

the kids kept themselves busy

he looks good as a farmer, doesn't he?

and i'm pretty sure this is as close as she will ever get to a bull in her life!

as you can see...the clouds rolled in.  we rented golf carts and cruised all over the island for a few hours, hoping the clouds and waves would die down.

this looks super calm, because it was, for a while. 

but, at this beach (the second one we visited), the waves started getting bigger and the sand was blowing so hard, it was stinging our legs. 

this is what you get for trying to do donuts in the sand ๐Ÿ˜‚

after our time was up on the golf carts, we headed toward the docks.  needless to say, i have no pictures of this part of the trip because it was a "hold on for dear life and don't dare take out your camera" kind of ride back to HHI.  we actually almost lost the boat before we got on because one of the lines had snapped from the waves throwing the boat all around and the other one was coming loose.  we got completely soaked from the water coming up over the bow and it was an interesting ride back, to say the least.  

once we were back on land, it was kind of funny.  kind of.  but, i'm pretty sure we are all going to be talking about that ride for a while.  as roman said that night..."that was fun, but only because we didn't die".  

we took this pic when we got back because not one of us had a dry spot on us and we were all ready to go home for a hot shower.  

we look great, huh? 

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Fun with Friends

one of the best things about the school that our kids go to is their friends!  they have so many great friends, which means that they get invited to parties and sleepovers all the time.  

gianna was invited to her classmates' party at the beach.  while we were there, we got the girls to pose in front of the gift that hurricane irma brought our island, buoy #8!

gianna and gracie had a blast at the beach that night!

imagine that...i actually went to the beach.  i mean, i had to be invited, but i went!๐Ÿ˜ƒ

the next night, the kids both wanted to have a friend over for a sleepover.  roman has been begging to have his buddy shane over and it was a good weekend to do it.  gianna has only had a sleepover with her cousins, so this was her first "friend sleepover".  we thought that gracie would be the best choice, and sure enough, she was!

they played rocket copters outside in the dark

and the boys played robot football (that's not really what it's called, but we thought they looked like robots with their glasses on.

the girls were excited for bedtime

we pulled gianna's bed out and made a nice little theater for them to watch cinderella on gianna's ipad while they fell asleep. 

first sleepover = success!  

can't wait to do it again๐Ÿ˜‰

Monday, October 2, 2017

Fall is Here!

if you even know me just a little bit at all, you know that i love fall.  it is my absolute favorite time of the year.  i enjoy everything about it; the colors, the weather (except it takes forever to get cool down here!) and the clothes!

after we had cleared the porch during the hurricane, i figured that was a good time to freshen it up when we put it back out.  so, i ordered new rugs and a vinyl sticker for my new milk can (thanks, mom!!) and got all our fall decorations down. 

i think the bear from josh is a wonderful addition year round, but doesn't he just look like he's so happy with the leaves on him?  gianna liked the pumpkin on his hand, so it stays๐Ÿ˜ƒ

i made some new covers for the porch pillows too. 

inside, i like to have a few fall decorations around, they make me happy. 

we got a new hobby lobby and i'm loving it!  i got the jug and fall flowers and my little foxy friend there too. 

now, bring on the chilly weather, please!

Saturday, September 30, 2017

To Evacuate or Not?

as i'm sure you are aware, the first week of september brought the threat of hurricane irma bearing down on the southeast.  we had just gotten back from sami's wedding up north and thought we might be headed right back up if we were evacuated.  all week, we semi-prepared.  bringing in the porch and patio furniture, packing a few things, buying water and non-perishables.  as the week went on, evacuation looked imminent.  so, i packed everything up and left it by the door. 

but each day, at 5 and 11 (both am and pm), we could look at an updated track for the hurricane and by friday, it was moving west of us.  and at each update, it was further west.  so, each day, i stayed.  toby had already decided that he would stay, so the thought of driving back up north (with the rest of florida and georgia) with the kids by myself, became too much for me to handle.  we spent that weekend just waiting around, mostly. 

headed down to the river to skip some rocks.

and on sunday morning, i woke up and made the decision to stay.  so we headed to the grocery store and got some more supplies.  toby had already gotten his supplies (beer, donuts, chips), but i thought we might need a little more variety.  ๐Ÿ˜Š

that evening, we made cookies and had lasagna for dinner.  comfort food was what i needed after a few days of stressing and a few more headed our way. 

as the storm passed by us, it brought wind and rain, neither of which were too bad, but we did get a leaky window (do you like our towel/cup combo solution?) and we lost power for about 40 minutes.

the kids played video games and watched movies and it was actually a nice day at home (rare for us these days)

that evening, after the rain had stopped, the kids and i took a stroll around the neighborhood and assessed any damage (none, really).  i was SO happy that i didn't leave and that we were spared the worst of the storm. 

we continue to pray for all who have been affected by hurricanes harvey, irma and maria.