Sunday, July 15, 2018

Summer Night in Bluffton

this year, the town of bluffton held their fireworks show the weekend before 4th of July.  roman invited max over and we headed downtown on the golf cart.  you can't pass ben & jerry's without stopping for a treat.  it's against the law. 

the boys wanted to watch from the dock, but it was too crowded for me and g!

we went on a search for water because all of the kiddos were thirsty and we found the giant peanut from the boiled peanut festival that had been going on earlier in the day.

the boys ended up joining us on the golf cart to watch the fireworks and we found a classmate of roman's to hang with too.

can you see all the golf carts?  this was just a small portion of them.  there were hundreds!

my sweet girl really loves to watch the fireworks, but she was SO tired!

they sure were beautiful...thanks bluffton!

Friday, July 13, 2018


this is our 3rd year headed to state...and our 3rd year fundraising for state.  i have to admit, this is NOT my favorite part, but it sure is necessary.  think about it...12 families for at least 3 nights, possibly up to a week.  that's a lot of money spent out of pocket!  so, it really helps to raise some funds to help the families with expenses.  so, the boys hit the pavement and do a little begging fundraising.  we have found that one of the easiest money makers is to set up outside of a busy store and see if we can hit up the customers for a $1 here and there.  it all adds up!  and how can you resist these sweet faces!

this past sunday, after standing in the hot sun most of the day, the boys hit the field for a 2 hour practice.  i felt like they deserved a treat, so we had an impromptu pizza party on the bleachers after practice.  we've raised the funds, they've practiced their tails it's time to go win a state tournament!!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2018


gianna has really been into braiding lately. she loves to braid her own hair and her friends' too.  she will even settle for braiding mine sometimes.  

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

2018 District Champs!

what would summer be without an all-star baseball tournament?  this is the 3rd summer in a row that roman has made the all-star team, so we are making it a summer tradition! 

each year, he likes to do something fun with his hair, so we dyed it blue this time!

and i've got my nails all decked out in baseballs and blue!

this year, they earned the first round bye and didn't have to start until thursday night.  the games were in walterboro this year, so we had to drive about an hour each night to get there.  and believe it or not, it was still so hot at 6 at night! 

gianna made a sign to cheer the boys on.  she's such a great baseball sister!

my #8 πŸ’™

the boys run-ruled beaufort, 12-0. 

then, they got to watch a little of the second game of the night...the other bluffton team vs. hilton head.  it is always a fun rivalry to watch!

the next night, it was our turn to play hilton head.  i actually don't have any pictures of that because i used my other camera and am having a hard time getting them transferred.  it was a close one, but we squeaked out a win, 4-3.  whoop whoop, yay bluffton american!

game #3 was against colleton and we weren't too sure about that team.  it could go either way.  they got the early lead and we were sweatin' it.  luckily, the boys picked up the pace and went on to win 10-4. 

the final day was sunday.  we were the only undefeated team left in the tournament.  and we were up against hilton head again.  we had beaten them once, but we knew they wanted it bad.  we had to show up!  roman's hair was fading, but his spirit was brighter than ever...let's do this!

roman and max were plotting their water dump on coach toby early on...

it was HOT!  these boys tried to keep cool in the shaded dugout, but it was the hottest day of summer so far and we were feelin' it. 

roman was catcher for most of the game, and i was wondering how stinkin' hot it was in all that gear.  luckily, he took turns most every inning with bradley to make sure they both didn't overheat. 

the girls found a patch of shade and tried to keep cool. 

would you want to wear all that in 100 degree heat?  me neither!  but, ro is a beast and never complained!

in the end, we run-ruled hilton head 16-6 in the 4th inning and secured our district champ title for the 3rd year in a row.  what an amazing group of boys.  at least 5 of these boys have made it to the state tournament 2 times.  several have made it 3 times!  proud is such an understatement for how i feel about this group of boys! 

these boys have been busting their butts since last august to prepare for this, they deserve this!

somebody's dreams came true πŸ˜‚

let's do this, boys!  bluffton needs a state championship!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Summer Concert

we went with a few of our friends to a local summer concert at palmetto bluff.  the band was deas guys, who are AMAZING!
the views were gorgeous, the company was fabulous, and we had a great time!

not really sure what is happening here, but it sure produced lots of giggles from the boys...

Monday, June 18, 2018

Last Day of School

woo hoo!  school's out for summer!!

first day/last day (they have on the same shoes!!! how in the world did that work out? )
time to have some summer fun!

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Friends are the best!

gianna is a super friendly little girl, so no wonder she has a friend wherever she goes!  
she loves to hang with layla and gracie at the ballfield (since we are ALWAYS there)

and she loves being with sarah, our neighbor too.  this evening, we planted some seeds in little pots and the girls are going to see if they grow into beautiful flowers this summer!