Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Summer Concert

we went with a few of our friends to a local summer concert at palmetto bluff.  the band was deas guys, who are AMAZING!
the views were gorgeous, the company was fabulous, and we had a great time!

not really sure what is happening here, but it sure produced lots of giggles from the boys...

Monday, June 18, 2018

Last Day of School

woo hoo!  school's out for summer!!

first day/last day (they have on the same shoes!!! how in the world did that work out? )
time to have some summer fun!

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Friends are the best!

gianna is a super friendly little girl, so no wonder she has a friend wherever she goes!  
she loves to hang with layla and gracie at the ballfield (since we are ALWAYS there)

and she loves being with sarah, our neighbor too.  this evening, we planted some seeds in little pots and the girls are going to see if they grow into beautiful flowers this summer!

Thursday, June 14, 2018

My Little Author

the kindergarten class at saint gregory always writes a book as their final big project of the year.  they spend a lot of time working on this and when it is complete, they invite their parents to come hear them read their book aloud. 

i'm so proud of my little author!

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Dazzling Dolls 2018

gianna played in her final softball game of the season, the championship game against the darling destroyers.  it was a fun one to watch, especially when our girl did this!

and they won!!

i love this little team!

big brother gets to help hand out the medals.

and poppa gets to place it around her neck. 

i'm glad she had so much fun playing softball...hopefully, she continues to play each year. 

a trophy for the season.  a medal for the championship game.  the game ball for her home run!

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Waves Bamily Vacation (Ripken Experience)

over mother's day weekend, roman's travel team, the waves, headed to myrtle beach for a tournament and some fun at the ripken experience.  in true travel ball style, we loaded up the 4Runner with more baseball equipment than you can imagine, plus all of our overnight bags and of course, all of us.  i joked with the team that this is what our car looked like.

in reality, it was more like this...back loaded so you can't see out the rear window and other items stashed in between the kids and at their feet.  and, of course, a pre-weekend fun nap. 

this little cutie is always ready to ride.  she's got snacks and entertainment...let's go!

we arrived in time to do some boardwalk exploring.  and of course, momma had her boy repping some maryland (and ripken) pride!

a little fun on a few rides...

and back to the pool to meet up with some other players who were arriving.  also, a duck decided to take a swim in the pool.  😲

that evening, we gathered in the dining area to hand out some trophies that the team has earned throughout the fall and spring seasons.  we have 11 players and we only had 10 trophies, so one of the boys didn't get one.  but, as a surprise to him, his "trophy" was that he was getting to throw out the first pitch at the pelicans game we would all be attending the next evening.  i felt bad for him though, because he thought he got left out and was a little upset until coach toby finally gave him the big news!

one of our fabulous moms had special cookies made for the boys, a baseball with their name and number on it.  and the coaches got some too.  very cool!

and sherri, our resident photographer and graphic designer, had a wonderful idea to make the boys their own baseball cards.  she chose 5 pictures of each player and they got a set of 20 cards to trade and keep.  she even ordered these awesome cases for them to keep them in. AMAZING!  they loved trading them and reading all the "stats" on each card.  

can you see that gianna got her own cards too?  how sweet!

saturday morning came early and we headed to the ripken experience fields, which were only a short drive from our hotel. 

the complex was amazing, with a nice clubhouse with food and merchandise.

and the fields were immaculate, all turf. 

prior to this tournament, coach toby had let the players and parents know that he expected the boys to come and have fun.  they had a 16-4 record for the spring season and have already proven that they are winners.  so, really, this was just for fun. 

the parents got to have a little fun too.  one of the moms made us waves bingo cards with sayings that the coaches and players regularly yell out or say during games.  so, we got to listen for our favorites and play along. 

i love watching roman play any position, but i particularly love watching him in the outfield.  i think it is so cool to watch him sprint across the field to make a catch.  so cool!

even though it was no pressure, the boys won both of their games and we got to head back to the hotel pool to cool off.

later that evening, we had a team party at the pelicans game.  they are a local minor league team and it was so close that we all walked there. 

somebody else was all in too, but mostly for the snacks 😁

who am i kidding?  i'm there for the snacks too!  cotton candy and dippin' dots...yum!

after bradley threw out the first pitch, all of the other players got to participate in some fun games on the field too.  this was a biscuit eating contest where a blindfolded player was fed by another player who was behind his back...too funny!

sunday morning, we were back out on the field, bright and early.  miss casey and gianna twinning in their sunglasses. 

roman got a hold of this ball...

and sent it flying!

and he made a couple of nice plays in the infield too. 

normally, i post videos of a big hit, but this time roman got walked.  and then as another player came home, he tried to make it to second, but got himself in a pickle.  luckily, he was able to get himself out of it! 

this little chickie was a trooper all weekend.  we were trying to cool off with a snocone and some shade. 

on the mound for a few innings too.  see, he's all over the field!😍

in the end, the boys made it to the championship game.  they showed incredible heart and grit, but ran out of gas.  i know they could have beaten this team, but after already playing 2 games in a row before this one, they were spent.  i am so proud they made it that far! 

and this cutie made it too!  with a little fun and fake breeze, we keep cheering our boys on!

way to go, waves!

each one of the boys got a ring, but lucky for us, ripken's number was 8 and so is roman's!  so, it feels like his ring is customized just for him. 

i couldn't be more proud of these two boys.  😍

nowhere better to spend mother's day than with my kiddos!

after we got something to eat in the comfort of an air conditioned restaurant, we all headed out to have some fun, including a jet boat ride.  yes, gianna and i are the only girls...what?

and a little putt putt fun to end the evening.

the next morning, we got up late and got some grub. 

and one more round in the pool before heading home. 

 it was such a wonderful weekend spent with our waves bamily!