Thursday, November 2, 2017

Halloween 2017

it's Halloween already?  seems like yesterday was the first day of school!  

we started celebrating a little early with trunk or treat at the school on friday night.  

roman was a scary-crow, and gianna was a unicorn. 

but, before we did that...we had to decorate our pumpkins! 

i'm happy to say we did NO carving this year...just a little creative paint and accessories...

at the trunk or treat festivities, it was SO fun to see lots of school friends

crazy eyes colella strikes again!

the kids also got to dress up for their school parade.  gianna quickly transitioned from unicorn to mermaid. 

and, roman became a not-so-scary-crow.

my beautiful mermaid!

a scarecrow among football players

for the main event (halloween night), our scarycrow and mermaid (complete with purple hair) were ready for some action.  roman stays behind at the house and hands out tricks, while gianna goes out to find some treats! don't worry...she shares her bounty with her brother.

getting into character

we found our friend, adeline, as a beautiful fairy ballerina. 

we went and picked up rylee to hang with us for the night!

these two๐Ÿ˜

after a successful evening of tricks and treats, our tradition of porch pictures with mady and ella continues on...

i ain't afraid of no ghost!!

seeing my babies looking so grown made me a little nostalgic for when they were still my babies and so i took a little walk down memory lane and i can't believe how much they have grown.  it's only been a minute since i had littles...where did they go? 
...'til next year...

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Sweet & Sassy

with all the baseball, all the time...our sweet and sassy girl gets a little lost along the way.  but, never fear, she does get to do some fun stuff and she keeps us smiling!

we tried out these super fun curlers

she even slept in them all night!

and look at these beautiful curls!

she had a great time at calyn's party at the arcade

she really enjoys gymnastics and always finishes with flair!

snapchat fun
miss casey gave her a bunch of costume jewelry that she loves

she's getting much better at her handstands

picking out presents for her friend, lucy was a good time

and lucy's party was a great time to catch up with her old pals, emma and lucy

have you seen anything scarier than this?

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Fall Travel Begins

we had a little break after the state tournament (1 day) and then the travel team started practicing for fall tournaments.  well, a couple months in, and here we go again.  roman was excited before their first tournament with their new uniforms...he made his "extra player" the night before. ๐Ÿ˜‚

for some reason, gianna wasn't feeling too good that day.  she had no fever or anything, but was in general, just moody and crying over everything, so we tried a quick nap. 

i moved her over to the wagon, but she woke up right away and couldn't stop giggling

  after that, she seemed fine and played with charlie for the rest of the time.


ro started out behind the plate

on the second day, charlie wasn't there, but adeline was, so she got to play again.  score!

they played well enough to make it to the championship game, but had to wait to see who they would play.

roman got his turn on the mound

don't you dare try to steal on my boy!

they didn't pull out the W, but second place works for us!

i'm proud of these boys and how hard they've worked the past couple of months

i'm especially proud of #8!