Friday, February 23, 2018

Catholic Schools Week & Egg Drop

Catholic Schools Week is always fun for the kids, they get to wear something other than their uniforms! 

in honor of the Olympics, they dressed in red, white and blue...

then came favorite sports team day.  with our beloved eagles headed to the super bowl, we had to show everyone that philly pride!

this was also muffins with mom day, so i got to head inside for a treat with them. 

roman's class had quite a few eagles fans, and one lone patriots fan.  shane was a good sport about the whole thing!

poppa got a chance to head in on donuts with dad day too.

another exciting event that week was the 4th grade egg drop.  this is something the whole school looks forward to each year.  the 4th graders have to find a way to protect an egg and keep it from breaking as it is dropped from various heights.  lucky for us, the fire department is right next to the school and they head over with the ladder truck to make the event even more fun.  

first they drop the contraptions from 25 feet, then 50, 75 and finally 100 feet!  if your egg makes it through, they take it back up for the next drop.  this is the 4th and final drop ...

let's see if roman's egg survived....

what a fun week!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Movie Date

Gianna and Gracie...two peas in a pod. they share a birthday and the same initials and so much more.  i love these girls together.  we asked Gracie on a movie date to see Ferdinand.  she had already seen it, but wanted to go again.  (she was so sweet and did not spoil anything!)

they've got their popcorn and icees and gummy snacks...what more do you need?

oh yeah, booster seats.  we need those!

but when you get tired of sitting, you just need to stand and watch too.

after, we went to cheeburger cheeburger to get some milkshakes...yum!

and the boys were so sweet to the girls and tried and tried until they were able to get them both a prize from the claw machine.😍

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

We Got Real Snow, Y'all!!

so, yes, i grew up where it snowed.  and then i moved to a place where it snowed, a LOT.  and then we moved to south carolina, where the white stuff is quite elusive and a snow day is typically manufactured from blocks of ice and a machine that grinds it up and spits it out of a tube.  magical, huh?

but, lo and behold, on the day the kids were scheduled to head back to school after their Christmas break, we had snow in the forecast.  

and in true south carolina fashion, we freaked out!!

i'll admit, it was cold. but, i was hesitant to believe that we were really going to get snow that accumulated on the ground.  that is unheard of here.  

but the kiddos believed and woke up and put on their warmest snow gear (jeans and leggings, apparently) and were outside waiting for the flakes to fall. 

meanwhile, we have discovered that guido is a 'stay in by the fire' dog, vs. a 'go out and play in the snow' dog.  he was very happy to wear gianna's scarf and lay under the frozen blanket ALL day long. 

finally, the white stuff started to fall, but it was more like slush than fluffy flakes.

roman was outside long enough to feel the need to come in and warm his hands by the fire candle.

and gianna was so proud of her icicle, i didn't have the heart to tell her that bringing it inside was like giving it a death sentence.

finally, the flakes started to fall and stick!

the kids and toby went to check out mimi's house and they found the perfect spot to make snow angels.

our neighbor made a pretty awesome snowman, huh?

we decided that we needed to make one too.  i mean, we may never get the opportunity to build a snowman in our own yard in south carolina again, so, we took full advantage of it while we could! 

roman and i did most of the work, but gianna helped pick out the accessories. 

i truly cherished my time with roman, teaching him the 'tricks of the trade'.  he started out frustrated because the fluffy snow on top did not stick together, but i showed him how to use some of the slush on the bottom to make it stick together.  and before long, he was a pro!

we really had a great time making this fella and decking him out in our phillies and eagles gear.

after lots of outside time, these two cuddled up with their blankets in front of the you do on a proper snow day. πŸ’™

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Christmas 2017 Recap

it's so far past Christmas, is it even legal to share this now?  
oops, i am running a bit behind.  sorry 'bout that!

this year was a first for guido, he got to come up to DE to share in the Christmas festivities.  at first, he was all "yay, i get to come this time!"...then...he was like "are y'all serious?  12 hours in the car?  what the what?  imma just take a nap".

there was a whole buncha dogs to choose from at mimi's house...but gianna grabbed her favorite, koda. 

and these two...😍

guido loves his aunt maddy!

roman got to go to the cryotherapy center where aunt maddy works...

this looks super chilly, huh? he says it wasn't that bad, and he felt great after.  😲

poor gianna got sick for the first few days we were there, but mimi took care of her and helped her put together a few puzzles.

i felt so bad for her, she missed out on some fun stuff and just needed her beauty sleep.

these two are 2 peas in a pod. πŸ‘«

the good thing about the colder weather up north is that you get to go do fun stuff like ice skating with your cousins...

and your dad...

he did really well, as long as he was near the edge.

he got pretty good by the time we had to go.

rylee got pretty good too!

meanwhile, back at mimi's, gianna found another doggie to love!

on Christmas Eve, gianna was feeling a bit better and just in time to go to poppop, kelli and aunt alex's house!

this boy and his eagles

the girls had fun decorating headbands

back at mimi's house that night, all the kiddos were excited to open a few presents

and the adults were excited to try aunt maddy's peanut butter cake!

look what aunt hettie and the girls gave miss G!

time for bed, we need to be asleep so santa can drop off some gifts for the good little boy and girls!

mimi and her grands

after much excitement, the kiddos finally fell asleep so santa could come and were excited to see what he brought in the morning. 

look in here! bath fizzies!

a new custom glove...whaaaaat?

sporting some of their favorite presents!

down to Nana's house we go! gianna is happy to see her cousins, lilah and ady.  silly girls!

gianna received this painting of her as a mermaid from aunt joyce.  it looks JUST like her!  what a talented aunt we have!!

silly cousin selfie!

roman gets to steal in the white elephant gift exchange

ady is so super funny, love that little girl!

josh and i were able to book an appointment to go see jay while i was home.  so, first thing the day after Christmas, we headed down to smyrna.  i have to say, after not laying eyes on him for over 2 years, i was so happy to be able to give him a hug and tell him face to face that i love him.  we got to laugh a little and talk about how he is doing and it really did my heart good.  next Christmas, he will be with us and i'm excited for that. 

meanwhile, back at mommom's house, poppop put roman to work. 

she's got a hard working woodstove and he helped poppop bring the wood around to the front porch so it can be easily brought inside when they need it.
uncle josh is always a fun guy to have around...especially, when you can't go outside to play.  he's makes a great substitute jungle gym (or jungle joshπŸ˜‚)

of course, he couldn't let the kiddos have a nice picture without inserting himself...haha

gianna really loved her heart of tafiti necklace that the girls gave her. 

and roman was pumped about this eagles drone!

josh always needed an extra pocket...

and doesn't cj look festive with his beverage-carry fanny pack?

i know colleen loves to drink out of styrofoam cups (just like me), so we got her some special ones with her name on them!

mommom got a pillow cover with her grandbabies' names on it.  so cute!

and poppop got the essentials...a mockneck and some gloves (12 pair to last him all winter)

one of the gifts that nana got for the girls was a trip to disney on ice...i think they liked it!

ady snuggled up the whole time.
she was mesmerized and on the edge of her seat the whole time.  😍

we had a wonderful time with family and it is always a time i treasure.  'til next year!!!