Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bedtime Stories

i love my boys

i love this life...

Sunday, August 29, 2010

According to My Phone...

...this was our weekend.

saturday morning: old navy
mission: stock up for fall/winter, costume shopping
p.s. this is NOT the costume we bought, but how stinkin' cute?
all i can hear in my head is the lyrics to the black eyed peas...
"imma bee, imma bee, imma imma imma bee"

saturday afternoon: playdate with mady

mission: hang out "alone" with his lady friend, i.e., without the rest of the kiddos from daycare

p.s. look at the height difference...she's actually 3 days older than him!sunday: home

mission: clean the house

p.s. this is what i wish i was doing on cleaning day... ...and to all of my family who felt the need to text me pictures of all the family fun you were having this weekend, yes, i am totally jealous! i miss you guys and wish we were there!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Teach A Boy To Fish

here i go again...stealing ideas from other bloggers. i found this idea from here.

turns out that roman has been asking to go fishing alot lately. unfortunately for him, neither toby or i know how to. i'm hoping that my little guy likes this enough that he won't notice that we are surrounded by water and we don't know how to catch a fish...

i could not find a red bucket to save my life (i went to at least 7 stores), so i had to spray paint the one i found...then cut some scrapbook paper out to put the 'gone fishin' on it....

a full bucket means a successful catch, right? some of these fish look like they might be swimming next to a nuclear plant, but i had lots of fun making them.
i grew up in maryland, so these crabs were a must-have addition this is another birthday gift, so don't spoil it for my little man!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Can You Believe...?

that this

little guy

is almost three?i can't.

Spinning Art Caddy

hi, my name is stacie and i'm a blog-hop-aholic. i find interesting people's blogs and then stalk them everyday to see what interesting things they say and do. i look at a lot of crafty blogs and then from those blogs, find other blogs...it's kinda crazy, but fun. i really don't know how i happened upon this particular blog, but i have to give credit where credit is due. this was not my idea. it was the idea of the person i blog-stalked. you can check it out here...

you can check mine out here...

oh, and p.s. this is for roman's birthday. he currently does not read my blog and so he doesn't know. let's keep it that way!

i got a lazy susan and the large tray at a thrift shop, the tin cups and orange bucket at michaels. i painted the lazy susan before i got the cups and bucket and they totally clashed. the cups were what looked like grass and the bucket is obviously orange. i actually ended up loving the orange and red together, it's my new favorite color combo. i painted the tin cups with chalkboard paint so i could label them differently when we change out the art supplies. i filled it with some things we already had. he has quite the art supply collection already and i'm sure it will only grow.

i love that it spins around so his little arms can reach everything he needs without standing up in his chair or on the table. i hope he thinks it's fun to use. cool, huh? i love the internet and all those crafty bloggers!shhh, don't tell ro!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fill the Shoes

while poppa was a church, he was the man of the house. i think he fills the shoes well.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Take Me Out To The Ballgame

minor league baseball is all we've got down here. they are the savannah sandgnats. really. so, we went. it was fun. by the time we left, roman was yelling "hit the ball" and "c'mon" and "homerun!"... he's definitely going to be a passionate fan!

it was actually very pleasant. high 70's and lots of moving air from some super huge fans. hot dogs, beer, ice cream....could we ask for more? i don't think so.

he brought his glove and bat (just in case they needed to put him in)

these days he has an aversion to smiling for the camera ... or even looking at it the boys watching the boys oh yeah, the best part...ice cream in a phillies helmet!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sweet Feet & Sweet Treat

do you see the deliciousness that came to visit us for a few days? oh goodness, he was so sweet! only 7 weeks old and already a heartbreaker...

my friend amanda drove 5 1/2 hours just to see us. she got here thursday afternoon and just left this morning. she left her little girl, peyton with the hubby in nc and just brought little ryan with her. he was such a good little guy as we took him around all over the place...

so sad to say goodbye...

i just wanna kiss his little cheeks all day long.

roman loved baby ryan
goodbye kisses
aren't these feet sweet?
they deserved more than one picture
after amanda and ryan got on the road, we got a haircut on the front porch (easy cleanup) and then headed out in our pajamas for a sweet treat. this dude likes just what his momma likes so it is easy to share...just gotta order the decaf...peppermint mocha, woo hoo. i love saturdays.
he just kept saying over and over..."i like coffee". poppa is in so much trouble.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Like, Totally Rad

my work summer party was this weekend. it was an 80's theme. we challenged everyone to dress in their best 80's attire. i did NOT expect the turnout. i needed to share...

the scene...lots of neon

patty was pregnant in the 80's...very creative jose must have had a 'fro in the 80's katie rockin' a super rad outfit

ro shared his t-ball set with leo. linda and her daughter lauren leticia made these fabulous cakes!

bob pulled out all the stops on this outfit
this cool cat camped out at the bar all night wife of cool cat was looking pretty cute. love the blue eye shadow um, seriously? yes, he did.
allison rockin' the side pony...

miss jackie was looking fine as madonna
that really is karen's real hair...
another madonna...this one had cone boobs!
how cute is kelly and her legwarmers?

kelia, jackie and elvira
elvira, allison, me and jackie (see, i dressed up too!)
relaxing after some aerobic dancing
this was the mellow table
michele getting some jim n nicks bbq
the outside crew
everybody showed their best moves on the dancefloor
jeff entertained us with a little dance
more dancing

hey there mr. man...
this was so cute
and finally, jeff and adam treated us to their vocal stylings of "i've got friends in low places"
it was a totally awesome night.