Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sweet Feet & Sweet Treat

do you see the deliciousness that came to visit us for a few days? oh goodness, he was so sweet! only 7 weeks old and already a heartbreaker...

my friend amanda drove 5 1/2 hours just to see us. she got here thursday afternoon and just left this morning. she left her little girl, peyton with the hubby in nc and just brought little ryan with her. he was such a good little guy as we took him around all over the place...

so sad to say goodbye...

i just wanna kiss his little cheeks all day long.

roman loved baby ryan
goodbye kisses
aren't these feet sweet?
they deserved more than one picture
after amanda and ryan got on the road, we got a haircut on the front porch (easy cleanup) and then headed out in our pajamas for a sweet treat. this dude likes just what his momma likes so it is easy to share...just gotta order the decaf...peppermint mocha, woo hoo. i love saturdays.
he just kept saying over and over..."i like coffee". poppa is in so much trouble.

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