Sunday, August 29, 2010

According to My Phone...

...this was our weekend.

saturday morning: old navy
mission: stock up for fall/winter, costume shopping
p.s. this is NOT the costume we bought, but how stinkin' cute?
all i can hear in my head is the lyrics to the black eyed peas...
"imma bee, imma bee, imma imma imma bee"

saturday afternoon: playdate with mady

mission: hang out "alone" with his lady friend, i.e., without the rest of the kiddos from daycare

p.s. look at the height difference...she's actually 3 days older than him!sunday: home

mission: clean the house

p.s. this is what i wish i was doing on cleaning day... ...and to all of my family who felt the need to text me pictures of all the family fun you were having this weekend, yes, i am totally jealous! i miss you guys and wish we were there!

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