Monday, August 31, 2009

Ro-Ro Silly

mondays...back to work, back to reality. the highlight of my day was picking roman up from "school" and going home. backyardigans, dinner, bath, bed. roman doesn't get super excited when you say it's bathtime, but normally doesn't fight it either. he likes the bubbles and he plays with most of his toys until his lips turn blue. i always have to drain the water to get him to get out, but before he gets out, it never fails that he finds something to make the tub more interesting once the water is gone...

...i love how he laughs at himself and says "ro-ro silly"...

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tattoo and Peek-a-boo

today, toby finally got his father's day present...a tattoo in honor of our offspring. he has been trying to nail down a design for a while and went to the tattoo shop a couple times this week to talk it through. finally, he decided on a cross with a banner across it with roman's name in it. lalo, the tattoo artist, was a little confused as to what he wanted and at first i was really hesitant that this was going to turn out okay. in the end, it's pretty cool and toby is happy. mission accomplished. roman and i hung out while he had it done. honestly, this kid is pretty cool. i don't know a lot of kids that are as well behaved as him. he enjoyed looking at the fish in the fishtank and making his own fishie face at them too. he spun around on their chairs and browsed through their tattoo portfolios. here's a shot of the guys before the tattoo and one of the actual art once we got home.

on another note, ro was interested in everything but eating his dinner tonight. in fact, he entertained himself by playing peek-a-boo for a while. he hasn't done this since he was about 9 months old. weird kid. love this kid.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Today Was A Good Day

today was a good day. we went to the park and had some fun on the slide and the swings. we watched the big kids play soccer. took a nap on the bed with the ceiling fan on. cleaned up and went and got some soft pretzels and sat on the "bikes" (lawn mowers) at lowe's while we waited for poppa to shop. then we went to savannah to toys'r'us to do some birthday "research". finished up at the mall. today was a good day.

Friday, August 28, 2009

What's in a Name?

who knew that the name he would struggle with would be the one we thought would be the easiest to pronounce? i guess his middle name is ronnie?

Ring for a King

for lunch on wednesday, allison, jess and i went to la hacienda. yum....anyway they have a bunch of candy on their cashier's station, so as i was paying i decided to drop a quarter in the bucket and get a treat for roman. after all, he really is a great kid and rarely gives me any trouble. plus, i feel pretty bad that he thinks his daily singulair tablet is "nonny" (candy). so, a strawberry ring pop from la ha became our wednesday night entertainment. off came the clothes and out on the front porch we went. who says a quarter doesn't buy anything anymore?

Table for Two

with roman's 2nd birthday fast approaching, we have received his first present already. mommom called about a week ago and asked if a table and chairs might be a good gift. of course it would! the UPS guy brought it on tuesday and i put it together last night. i brought ro down this morning and we went straight to the kitchen. well, i thought we went straight to the kitchen, but the little spy saw the table in the dark play room and started yelling "momma, momma...c'mon". i came in to see him climbing in the chair and proceeding to make some glorious toddler art. he wouldn't even look at me for a picture, he was too engrossed in his new discovery. i think it is a great gift for his 2nd birthday. thanks mommom!