Thursday, January 29, 2015

Blame Parenthood

okay, so not the literal parenthood where i am guiding young humans to become good and decent older humans. parenthood, the tv show. somewhere in the last few months, i keep hearing that this show is awesome. so, i look into it and find out that it started in 2010 and is in its 6th season, but i can watch all the old seasons on our amazon account. wut? i'm binge watching it at night. and not doing anything else. not even blogging. whoops. but hey, it's a really good show. like, i feel like i'm learning parenting techniques. or at least i feel like i'm not the only other parent that screws up a lot. at least they are "acting" like they are screwing up. and they get paid for it. okay, enough about the show. here are my young humans.

we had a party in the tub one night!

i love it when they snuggle

some days, you just need to hide behind some shades

doggie camouflage


she's really into llama llama right now. she's acting out the part that goes "little llama, what a tizzy, sometimes mama's very busy. please stop all this llama drama, and be patient for your mama."

it's catholic schools week, so it's something fun everyday!

this was crazy hair day

and disney dress up day. since this was also muffins for mom day and we needed to be there early, i couldn't drop gianna off at daycare before we went, so she got to dress up and go too. roman is cedric the sorcerer from sofia the first and of course, gianna is sofia. roman loved showing gianna his school. what a sweetie!

p.s. now i can't post videos. womp womp. gotta get my technology guru on this. (oh, toooooooby!)

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Technical difficulties

please bear with me while i am trying to figure out "whattheheckishappeningwithmypictures"!!!!

i can't access all my pictures that i know i have taken!!

in the meantime, here are some instagram shots and some videos of life after Christmas...


of course, once we got back home, the boys wanted to go break in their new 4 wheelers. yes, i added an s at the end. they both have one. i guess they don't like to share. well, they were planning on being gone for the whole day, so gianna and i stayed home. we took down decorations and painted her nails and toenails in rainbow colors. (thanks Krista!)

mud vs. paint

and, after our cable box got blown by a storm while we were gone, we had to re-build our DVR playlist. gone were all the movies we had been building up for years. yes, years. sorry kids, no more alvin and the chipmunks....womp womp. so, i was trying to find some that would be interesting. goonies was a favorite of mine when i was young, so i thought roman would enjoy it. i put it on and this happened.

for fifteen minutes straight, i kid you not


silly faces before bed!

gianna received ballet clothes from mimi for Christmas and was super pumped to start her classes. she knows that emma is there and she asked me every day (no joke), "can i go to ballerina today?" it was a long wait, but it was worth it. look how excited she is!!!

and, as i navigate the waters with a diva (i never had this problem with roman...hmmm), i am trying to find out what her "currency" is. and to keep me on my toes, her currency always changes. one day it is a movie, one day it is a toy, or maybe ballet? well, on this particular evening, her royal diva-ness decided that she didn't want to listen. so, i asked her to remove her toys from her room into the hallway. she happily obliged (uh, oh...not sure if this is backfiring on me) and brought everything out, even saying, "oh wait, we forgot something". but, when i picked up her new Fatsy Natsy (Fancy Nancy) books, she was not happy. so, who knows if it will work. but, as of this morning, the pile is still in the hallway.

so that's life...technical difficulties and all!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Christmas 2014

*i promise i tried to put regular pictures in this post, but it just wouldn't work. there may have been too many, so we are back to cheater blogging until i can figure it out*

our trip to see our family for christmas already seems so long ago, even though it was only just a couple weeks. we had a lot of fun and did so much and i am always grateful for family time. it really is a special time for us and the kids. i'm also super grateful this year for no epidemic of germs! i'm sure everyone else is happy we didn't bring the funk with us!


the kids had a great time pretending to be santa and delivering presents to all the kids of the world

we also had fun going to build a bear with our cousins, lilah and ady and uncle josh and aunt colleen.

the girls were sort of scared to build their own bears, but help from the moms made it cool, i guess.


but, walking around the mall together...that was their thing.we headed over to poppop, kelli and aunt alex's house on monday night to have dinner and open a couple of gifts. the kids had a great time and i don't think they wanted to leave!

last year, gianna was not game to have her nails painted, but this year? she was all about it!

of course, mimi had to get the boys some new pajamas...these elves look mad.

the girls didn't get left out ... candy cane jammies for all!


Christmas morning! Look Gianna, Santa drank all the milk!

the wonder of children on Christmas morning is one of the most magical parts of parenthood. i'm so blessed!



what do we have here? a real 4 wheeler? roman must have been a good boy all year!

i think he was in love at first sight!


there's lots of room to ride at nana's farm...




roman isn't the only one who gets to ride on the farm. gianna, lilah and eleena get a wagon ride from ariah.

and momma gets goofy with her cousin krista!


when we got to mommom's, the girls really had a chance to hang out. and if you look real close, ady is in on the fun too! and mommom has her babies right where she wants them...her lap!



yay...more room to ride!

he is ready for anything!



the girls were fresh out of the tub and playing ring around the rosy...


we made lots of memories with our family and were so grateful for the time spent together. can't wait for next year!