Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Technical difficulties

please bear with me while i am trying to figure out "whattheheckishappeningwithmypictures"!!!!

i can't access all my pictures that i know i have taken!!

in the meantime, here are some instagram shots and some videos of life after Christmas...


of course, once we got back home, the boys wanted to go break in their new 4 wheelers. yes, i added an s at the end. they both have one. i guess they don't like to share. well, they were planning on being gone for the whole day, so gianna and i stayed home. we took down decorations and painted her nails and toenails in rainbow colors. (thanks Krista!)

mud vs. paint

and, after our cable box got blown by a storm while we were gone, we had to re-build our DVR playlist. gone were all the movies we had been building up for years. yes, years. sorry kids, no more alvin and the chipmunks....womp womp. so, i was trying to find some that would be interesting. goonies was a favorite of mine when i was young, so i thought roman would enjoy it. i put it on and this happened.

for fifteen minutes straight, i kid you not


silly faces before bed!

gianna received ballet clothes from mimi for Christmas and was super pumped to start her classes. she knows that emma is there and she asked me every day (no joke), "can i go to ballerina today?" it was a long wait, but it was worth it. look how excited she is!!!

and, as i navigate the waters with a diva (i never had this problem with roman...hmmm), i am trying to find out what her "currency" is. and to keep me on my toes, her currency always changes. one day it is a movie, one day it is a toy, or maybe ballet? well, on this particular evening, her royal diva-ness decided that she didn't want to listen. so, i asked her to remove her toys from her room into the hallway. she happily obliged (uh, oh...not sure if this is backfiring on me) and brought everything out, even saying, "oh wait, we forgot something". but, when i picked up her new Fatsy Natsy (Fancy Nancy) books, she was not happy. so, who knows if it will work. but, as of this morning, the pile is still in the hallway.

so that's life...technical difficulties and all!

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