Sunday, August 31, 2014

How We Do

no real theme here, just documenting the everyday. you know, if you go to target every day and pretend the big red ball is a ginormous bouncy ball and you are tiny. that's how we do.

going to island playground the day before school starts to burn off some energy. yup, that's how we do.



or if it's your first time climbing a tree because we don't have oak trees in our yard like normal people do and we have to wait a bajillion years for our crepe myrtle to be tall/thick enough to climb. that's how we do.

rolling on the parkway with my homies after a trip to chickfila, rocking out to fancy. that's definitely how we do.
you know what else? we buy a bubble gun because goshdarnit momma can't produce enough bubbles fast enough. that's how we do.

and then we make a bubble nest on the flowers so they can't fly away.

pop. that's how we do.


Friday, August 29, 2014

College Girl!!

can you believe that maddy is a college girl!? yeah, me neither. when i started dating toby, she was a mere 4 year old, and i remember her getting a splinter from the back deck and we kept telling her that if she didn't let us get it out, it would get infected. we must have repeated that warning 1 too many times, because she yelled "i don't know what infected means!" haha love this girl!

here she is on move-in day with mom and dad...

and we are sporting our purple koala shirts with columbia college pride!!!

...and gianna looked at herself with straight hair and declared "i look like aunt maddy!"

and she does, i think. both are really pretty girls whom i love so much.

the first year of college (or all 4) are tough, i know that...but we are happy to have her close to us for a change. and maybe, just maybe, that means we will see a little bit more of mimi around here...hint hint!


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Lot of Firsts

hey hey y'all! we have a first grader in the house!!

this year, roman gets to move up from the cottage (pre-k and kindergarten) and into the big building. he's also got a new teacher and new teacher's aide. they are both new to the school and are super sweet. his teacher's name is Ms. Anania (ah-nah-nia) and Mrs. Robertello is the aide.

on monday, we got to go see roman's new classroom (front row seat, baby!) and meet his new teachers. he's got a spot right in the front, and seems really excited about this year.

can you believe we have a first grader? i'm still in shock, i think. (p.s. little sister got new "school" shoes too and i made her wait until he started school to wear them, so she could feel like she was starting something new too)

dear sweet 1st grader of mine, i hope you learn a lot this year and i hope you love your teachers and all the new experiences that life is throwing your way!

let's recap:
first day of school
first day of first grade
first year for his teacher
first time in the big building
first time running the halls
first time momma didn't cry when i left him at school
(but i totally teared up when i was typing this up!! haha)

Monday, August 18, 2014

Toes in the Sand

on saturday night, we got invited to go on a little cruise on the lake in our friends' neighborhood. they let us all use their babysitter and the kids stayed in the game room and had pizza and lots of fun while the adults went out for a little ride. it is a no wake lake, so you have to go really slow. which made it really easy to eat and nice.

after our cruise, we went and got the kiddos and headed to their beach for some fun and some s'mores too.

gianna really liked putting those cutie toes in the sand.

and then off she ran with her friend, gracie!

i really just love everything about this picture. i love her wrinkly nose smile and her pigtails and how she looks so tall and how her shirt looks like those candy buttons i used to love when i was little (why? they were so gross, with all the paper still sticking to them!)

here come the girls again. this was right before they started playing in the outdoor shower and gracie pulled the string and got gianna soaking wet. it was hilarious!

we didn't see much of the boys, they were off playing games. you can see here, that roman was hiding from them behind a palm bush (?).

and running again, playing tag with all his friends.

time for s'mores! see gianna is no longer wearing pants...they were soaking wet! at least her shirt was long enough to cover her cutie booty!

we are so lucky to have made such wonderful friends here!


Monday, August 11, 2014

Happy Birthday Mimi!!!

mimi's birthday is today, and i won't say what the number is...but it's a really special one! in fact, so special, that we used it as an excuse to have a (surprise) family vacation at the beach earlier this summer in june. we had a great time and made some really great memories.

mimi, we love you SO very much and enjoyed our time with you more than you could ever imagine. if only we could be there today to celebrate with you...(and no, we aren't hiding in your closet)

hopefully, some pictures of your babies and grandbabies will make your day a little sweeter!











oh, and here's a little video for you from ro and g!




Thursday, August 7, 2014

Summertime Sweeties

summertime is winding down for us, roman goes back to school on the 19th! so, we are trying to take it easy and enjoy the little things.

my cuties are ready for camp and daycare...

this dude is hulking out!

gianna and i experienced hobby lobby for the first time last weekend. wow, i've been missing out! i think i'm going to have to schedule another trip.

i think they got more ice cream on their face and hands than in their mouth and bellies!

sometimes this girl just spreads herself out! i guess her new bed is so big, she wants to take up every inch!