Sunday, August 31, 2014

How We Do

no real theme here, just documenting the everyday. you know, if you go to target every day and pretend the big red ball is a ginormous bouncy ball and you are tiny. that's how we do.

going to island playground the day before school starts to burn off some energy. yup, that's how we do.



or if it's your first time climbing a tree because we don't have oak trees in our yard like normal people do and we have to wait a bajillion years for our crepe myrtle to be tall/thick enough to climb. that's how we do.

rolling on the parkway with my homies after a trip to chickfila, rocking out to fancy. that's definitely how we do.
you know what else? we buy a bubble gun because goshdarnit momma can't produce enough bubbles fast enough. that's how we do.

and then we make a bubble nest on the flowers so they can't fly away.

pop. that's how we do.


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