Monday, August 18, 2014

Toes in the Sand

on saturday night, we got invited to go on a little cruise on the lake in our friends' neighborhood. they let us all use their babysitter and the kids stayed in the game room and had pizza and lots of fun while the adults went out for a little ride. it is a no wake lake, so you have to go really slow. which made it really easy to eat and nice.

after our cruise, we went and got the kiddos and headed to their beach for some fun and some s'mores too.

gianna really liked putting those cutie toes in the sand.

and then off she ran with her friend, gracie!

i really just love everything about this picture. i love her wrinkly nose smile and her pigtails and how she looks so tall and how her shirt looks like those candy buttons i used to love when i was little (why? they were so gross, with all the paper still sticking to them!)

here come the girls again. this was right before they started playing in the outdoor shower and gracie pulled the string and got gianna soaking wet. it was hilarious!

we didn't see much of the boys, they were off playing games. you can see here, that roman was hiding from them behind a palm bush (?).

and running again, playing tag with all his friends.

time for s'mores! see gianna is no longer wearing pants...they were soaking wet! at least her shirt was long enough to cover her cutie booty!

we are so lucky to have made such wonderful friends here!


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