Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Lot of Firsts

hey hey y'all! we have a first grader in the house!!

this year, roman gets to move up from the cottage (pre-k and kindergarten) and into the big building. he's also got a new teacher and new teacher's aide. they are both new to the school and are super sweet. his teacher's name is Ms. Anania (ah-nah-nia) and Mrs. Robertello is the aide.

on monday, we got to go see roman's new classroom (front row seat, baby!) and meet his new teachers. he's got a spot right in the front, and seems really excited about this year.

can you believe we have a first grader? i'm still in shock, i think. (p.s. little sister got new "school" shoes too and i made her wait until he started school to wear them, so she could feel like she was starting something new too)

dear sweet 1st grader of mine, i hope you learn a lot this year and i hope you love your teachers and all the new experiences that life is throwing your way!

let's recap:
first day of school
first day of first grade
first year for his teacher
first time in the big building
first time running the halls
first time momma didn't cry when i left him at school
(but i totally teared up when i was typing this up!! haha)

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